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Guest Post: Return to Running

Tonight I am introducing a new feature. This is the first of what will become a regular series of weekly guest posts by my wife about getting back into running. Since it was my wife who originally got me involved in running and who set this blog up for me while she was on maternity leave, after she created her own blog which you can check out here, it is only fitting that she start posting content on here.

My wife’s guest posting about her efforts to get back into running regularly will become a new Thursday feature on here. Hopefully it will provide motivation and inspiration for those of you who are also looking to get back into running regularly after a layoff. Without further delay, here is the first of my wife’s guest posts about getting back into running…

I used to be a runner. I started running seriously in my mid twenties. I have always seen runners, effortlessly gliding along pathways, intense but yet still calm and zen-like, and so I picked up a copy of The Beginning Runner’s Handbook and got started. Over the years since, I’ve stopped and started a few times, until 2006 when I got serious again and ran my first 5K race at the Ottawa race weekend. From there I kept ratcheting up the distances and ran my first half marathon in May 2008. I was finally the runner I had wanted to be, effortlessly knocking off a 20k run Sunday morning.

And then we decided to have a baby. I kept running until I was 6 months pregnant – my last run was the Canada Day 5K. I figured that I would have the baby in October, take a month or two off running and start training for a half marathon in the new year. I had visions of coming back stronger and faster than ever, but between the sleepless nights, not fitting into any of my old running clothes (or running bras), it took me a lot longer to get back into running than I had planned. Although I have a supportive running spouse, I still have trouble making time for myself to run… I feel like I need to have everything on my to-do list crossed off before I’m allowed to take time for me to run. But in fact, taking the time to run helps give me the energy to keep up with my life.

So I’m beginning again. The baby will turn two this fall, and I am getting back out there. My uber supportive husband set me up with a training plan and I’m registered for the Army Run 5K in September and will also run the Rothman Institute 8K in Philadelphia this November. My times will not be what they were pre-baby, but I’ll get back there bit by bit, run by run.

 I am still a runner.