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My Weekly Recap

It’s been a week since I got back to running after recovering from last month’s Ottawa Marathon. I have been back to running regularly with just a planned day off Monday and an unplanned day off today, more on that later.

So far I have kept my post-marathon runs at a relatively relaxed and easy pace. While I recovered quickly from the marathon I did not want to take any risks by pushing the pace when I am at a point where I am not currently training for a race.

I have also kept my runs to relatively short distances. Other than a 15 km effort last Sunday my other runs have been in the 8-10 km range which is easy to fit in given the distance of my office from my house.

I mentioned that I had planned to run today but ended up taking an unplanned day off. The reason was that I forgot an item I could not do without, my shoes. Since I was not interested in trying barefoot running I had to cancel my planned run for today.

In addition to running regularly this week I also sat down to have a good discussion with my coach to go over a plan for the summer and the fall. The plan has not been finalized and it is starting to come together.

Right now I know for sure that I will take at least one shot at a 10 km pb over the summer and I will run another marathon in the fall. As mentioned before, I am registered for the marathon in Montreal in September although I do not know yet for sure how I will approach that one in terms of strategy, I will have more on that in the coming days.

How did your week go?

Training Update

There isn’t much to report so far for this month. I have been running without a plan when I can fit in a run. I have managed to keep running regularly but nowhere near the frequency or mileage I am used to. Normally I would not be pleased with that but coming off my second marathon of the year just over a month ago and given how busy this month has been so far I am pleased with how the month has gone so far.

I am still on track to hit 3000 km (1864 miles) for the year. I will hit that target by getting in another 45 km (27 miles) between now and the end of the month. If all goes according to plan I may even reach that total this week. Again, I am not too worried about it, it really isn’t an important goal but would be a nice way to end the year.

As for what lies ahead in in 2014, I am already committed to running marathon number 10 in May now that I am registered for the Ottawa Marathon. Tomorrow will be my first step toward getting ready to train for that because I will be meeting with my coach to discuss last month’s Philadelphia Marathon and what we might change as I start another training cycle.

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s meeting because I have some ideas regarding mistakes I may have made last month and I am looking for to hearing my coach’s thoughts on that and how we can address them as I get ready for my next goal race. I think a lot of aspects in my training this year went well so I am not expecting drastic changes but we’ll see about that tomorrow.

In terms of running, i am going to continue to take it easy for the rest of the month and get in that final 45 km to get to 3000 for the year when I can.

New Routine

Having met with my coach last week I am now into my first couple of days following the plan he set out for me. The running part of my plan won’t be too much of a shock or adjustment. It is the other aspects of my training plan that will take some getting used.

As mentioned last week, the decision to find a coach was motivated by the desire to work on areas I had not been focusing on in my training or areas that I need to improve on. Based on my first couple of days I think I am already working toward that goal.

The first four weeks of my training will focus on strength and stability as well as stretching and mobility. I have a routine for each that takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. I will be doing one of the routines every day for the next four weeks, alternating my focus each day. The best part is that I can do all of the exercises and stretches at home so they are easy to get in while watching tv after the kids have gone to bed.

Later on in my training I will have more strength training to do that will necessitate lunch hour trips to the gym at work. That will also no doubt be of benefit because I hav not done any gym work since I started training for marathons.

There is still a long way to go before race day in Philadelphia but so far I am pleased with the decision I made. I think it will help me reach my goal.


I mentioned on here recently that I was going to be working with a coach as I train for the Philadelphia Marathon. Last night I had my first session with my coach so now I can write about it and what I hope to achieve.

The idea to seek out the help of a coach came following the Ottawa Marathon in May. The appeal for me is that I thought it would help give me that final boost needed to reach my goal marathon time.

Conveniently enough my wife happened to be out for coffee in our neighbourhood at the same time a coach was in the same shop meeting one of his clients. As a result, I found a coach who works just a few blocks away from our house.

As mentioned, last night was my first session with my coach. He already has me working on areas I had not touched on in my previous training. For the next four weeks in addition to regular runs I will have a series of mobility and flexibility exercises to do. Following that I will have a few weeks of strength training exercises to do.

My coach will also be providing me with feedback on nutrition. This will certainly be beneficial as well. I have already developed better eating habits since taking up marathon training but some fine tuning could not hurt.

I am looking forward to this addition to my training and am hoping it will give me the result I want in November.

Have you enlisted the help of a running coach? 

Back Online

It has been over a week now since my last post, my longest hiatus since I started posting on here. It isn’t that I didn’t want to blog or didn’t have any ideas in mind for new posts. Rather it is a combination of getting work done on our house which took away access to our computer for a few days and the fact that I was struggling to post updates from my iPad until my wife found an app to correct that problem.

In the meantime, I have been continuing to run. The past two weeks I have managed to fit in just over 60 km so I am slowly starting to ramp up my mileage again as I start to focus on training for the Philadelphia Marathon in November.

In terms of races, my last post was about my last race, the 10 km race I ran on Canada Day. My next planned race is a 10 mile race, one that I also raced last year. That will take place next Wednesday.

Following the 10 mile race I will be off to Maine for a week of vacation where hopefully fit in some early morning runs along the ocean.

In terms of my training, tomorrow I will be meeting with the running coach I have decided to work with in order to go over my training plan for Philadelphia. I will be meeting with him once a month and be in contact with him weekly. Hopefully this will give me the final boost I need to reach my goal.

What are your upcoming running plans?

Saturday Stories

It is time for another edition of Saturday Stories, a collection of some of my favourite stories and blog posts from the past week. As always, if you came across something you feel is worthy of mention here feel free to post a link below.

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