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Christmas Running

Running on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day have become a bit of a tradition for me I don’t head out obsessing over mileage or pace. I just head out when I have a minute and fit in whatever run I can.

Yesterday I managed to get out in the afternoon. It turned out to be a great day for a run. For the first time ever I went out for a run in December wearing a short sleeve shirt and shorts. I wasn’t planning on a quick run but it felt good to be running in shorts and short sleeves again I ended up pushing the pace and doing 12 km in 55 minutes.

While the weather for running was great it certainly felt weird running along the Rideau Canal knowing that we won’t be skating on it anytime soon. It was pretty evident when I saw the stairs down on to the canal leading to water when there would normally at least be patches of ice and snow at this time of year.

Today’s run was a little more of the same. Although I opted for a long sleeve shirt, I still ran in shorts, possibly for the last time this year. I headed out early this afternoon after things with the family slowed down. Today’s run was a very easy paced 6 km run up to Parliament Hill and back.

Running with a neighbour, we opted for a festive run involving a santa hat and reindeer antlers. The props certainly proved to be popular judging by holiday greetings we received and the friendly honks from cars and a couple of buses.

Do you have any running related holiday traditions?