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Skiing and Running

I am not sure how it affects or compliments my running but once the snow starts falling here downhill skiing is the other activity I enjoy participating in as often as I can.

Last night was my first opportunity to get out this year. After an easy run home of just under 9 km I made a quick turnaround to get ready to go skiing. My run home took me 45 minutes and I followed that up with two hours of skiing.

Out of curiosity I did a search online to see how skiing might affect my running. According to this article skiing is not a good form of cross training to combine with marathon training. From the sounds of it the same goes for playing soccer in the summer.

Based on that it sounds like it was a good thing I went skiing on a day that I ran instead of a planned rest day. I think when I do go skiing again I will try and plan a run on the same day so as not to use up a rest day that I’ll need to recover from the running and skiing.

Do you enjoy participating in activities that don’t necessarily compliment your marathon training?