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Update from the Hospital


I’ve been pretty quiet on here lately. Unfortunately I have had to take an extended break from running for health reasons. Nearly two weeks ago Now I thought I came down with a case of food poisoning. Last weekend it became apparent that I had something more serious.

I’ve now been in the hospital since last Wednesday after being diagnosed with a case of acute appendicitis. Due to the antibiotics I was placed on to clear out the infection I had I am starting to feel much better and on the verge of being able to go back home.

I am not sure yet what this all means for my running plans for the winter and spring. Once I do leave the hospital I will still have to return for surgery to remove my appendix in a few months. While I am waiting for surgery I will be able to get back to regular running after a slow and easy build up although I will have to take another break when the time for surgery comes.

Since my health and recovery will be my top priority for the upcoming months I will have to wait and see what the plan for my surgery is before I can make any race plans for the upcoming year.

If any runners out there have any experience with returning to running after suffering from appendicitis I would be interested in any feedback or tips you may have.