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Getting Back on Track

I managed to get in three more runs since my last post. Tonight was my first run since returning home from the west coast. The point of my runs while I was away was just to get me outside to give myself a distraction from everything else that was going on.

Tonight  I ended  up going for a 10 km run.  If felt good to be able to get for almost an hour.  I am not sure yet what my plan for the rest were the week will be but I think I will see if I can get myself back up to the level I was at before I had to head of town.

Based on that I probably plan to get in a tempo run and maybe some speed work later in the  week and hopefully have my weekly mileage back up to 50-60 km. With another week or so left before I start my 16 week training for the Ottawa Marathon I should still have a good base before I get started.

After what occurred over the last week and a half the distraction running will provide will certainly continue to be a good thing for me as well.