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Nutrition for Runners: Beef and Sun Dried Tomato Flatbread Pizza

I’ve been slacking on these posts lately but today I got around to trying something new that was worth posting. This is my latest attemp at making a recipe from the Runner’s World Athlete’s Palate Cookbook. For any runners who are interested in healthier nutrition options I would recommend this book. I got it for Christmas two years ago and I still go back to it.

I decided to try this one tonight because it was the one pizza recipe in the book that I had not yet tried and I figured that anything involving back steak had to be good. 

This recipe was really easy to make. I prepared it while my two year old was watching Lady and the Tramp on DVD without her noticing I was in and out of the house to grill the steak. If you are interested in this recipe you can find it on pp. 150-151 of the book. 

I made one alteration to the recipe by using green onions instead of roasted shallots. I think the green onions worked just fine.  My wife and my two year old certainly did not complain. I definitely plan to make this recipe again. 

Also, if you are a craft beer fan like I am I will mention that a pale ale paired well with the meal…


Nutrition for Runners: Marathon Fettucine in Charred Tomato Sauce and Shrimp


Now that I am feeling better again I am trying to get back to cooking healthy meals at home and trying new recipes even if I am not yet ready to get back to running. Yesterday I made a meal that will hopefully be the start of ,e getting back to that routine.

In order to get back to my routine I went back to the Athlete’s Palate cookbook from Runner’s World, a very useful gift I received at Christmas last year. I recommend this book if you are a runner looking for healthy recipes to fuel and recover from your training. You can find this recipe on page 87.

This one takes a bit of preparation time so it might not be the best one to try if you are pressed for time during the week. Fortunately my wife was home when I made it so with two of us working on it we were able to make it quickly.

Most of the work with this recipe is related to making the sauce because you have to roast the tomatoes then chop them before putting them in the sauce. The rest of it is very easy to do. That said, the effort is worth it because the tomato sauce goes very well with the shrimp.

This recipe was another hit with out family. My wife and I even enjoyed the leftovers for lunch today. We will definitely make this one again!

Christmas Wishlist for Runners

With  Christmas fast approaching I decided to put together a list of ideas for the runner on your list.  Here are some of my suggestions:

  • Books are a great idea. There are many good books on running out there. Here is a list of suggestions I put together, some I have already read and others that I want to read.  You could also get them a subscription to their favourite running magazine like Canadian Running or Runner’s World.
  • Energy bars and gels make for great stocking stuffers since runners are always looking for carbs to fuel their runs. I like GU Roctane gels and Clif Bars. If you are looking to get them something different check out these new gel options made with maple syrup – Endurance Tap and Untapped.
  • With winter approaching wamr gear is a must in many places now. If you know a runner like me who is often misplacing them gloves are a great option. You can find several options here.
  • Injury prevention and recovery are very important for runners. I have the following items that have been very useful in helping me recover from long runs and precent injury – a foam roller, a Pro-Tec Roller Massager which is great for calf muscles and  a Prostretch Plus which is useful for stretching tight hamstrings and calf muscles.
  • Finally, if you are out of other ideas a race entry. Whether it is a local race or an out of town race in a location you want to visit a race entry would be appreciated by any runner on your list.

That is just a short list for now. i may add to it if I think of anything else to add as Christmas approaches.

What would be on your wishlist?

Nutrition for Runners: Pancetta-Wrapped Chicken with Pesto Orzo and Grilled Zucchini


Tonight’s recipe is the latest one I decided to try from the Runner’s World Athlete’s Palate cookbook. this one was a big hit with the family and one that we will definitely add to the rotation again. You can find it on p.116 of the book.

I initially planned to make this meal yesterday but we ended up being busier than expected and had to find a quicker option to feed the kids. I decided to make the meal tonight even though I was unsure if I would be able to enjoy it because I was scheduled to have a wisdom tooth removed in the morning.

At first glance I thought this recipe might be a little complicated to make. However, that was not the case at all. I made the pesto quickly first and set it aside. Next, I seasoned the chicken, wrapped it in pancetta and stuck it in the oven for 30 minutes. That left plenty of time for me to get the orzo and zucchini ready.

Fortunately I was able to try the meal with my family tonight althoughI had to do so slowly with small bites. I really enjoyed this one. We ended up with leftover pesto that will be used for sandwiches tomorrow. I also think the leftover orzo will make for a good salad in a lunch.

Nutrition for Runners: Breakfast Pita Pizzas

I tried this recipe recently and thought I tought I would share it with you. I caught it on the Runner’s World facebook page and it sounded like a good idea right away.

Unfortunately I do not have a picture of it to share but I can assure you it is a good option if you are looking for something different to have for breakfast. For me it was a break from the usual bowl of oatmeal and a bagel.

I did not use the optional sugar when I made them and they turned out just fine. It is a quick and easy recipe to make. I had time to make it in the morning, get both kids ready and have everyone out the door on time.

An added bonus to this one is that it is an easy sell if you have kids that you struggle to feed in the morning before they go to school and you go to work. My four year-old was excited at the idea of having pizza for breakfast and I did not have to worry about her getting distracted and not eating as often happens.

Nutrition for Runners: Sausage and Broccoli Rabe Penne

IMG_1287Once again my recipe for tonight comes from the Runner’s World Athlete’s Palate cookbook. I’ve had success with this book since I got it for Christmas so I keep going to it for new meals to try.

If you are interested you can find this recipe on page 98 of the cookbook.

This meal was another hit although if you do make it I would warn that it took me longer than the 35 minutes suggested in the book. In addition, while I think it goes well with the recipe the broccoli rabe does have a bit of a bitter taste that not all will appreciate.

Overall this recipe was another hit. It is one we will likely try making again. I enjoyed it so much I took leftovers to work with me for my lunch today.

Nutrition for Runners: Steak Tacos


Tonight’s recipe is the third recipe I’ve tried from the Runner’s World Athlete’s Palate cookbook since I received a copy at Christmas. Tonight’s recipe of choice was steak tacos. If you have a copy of this book you can find the recipe on page 124.

Like the previous two recipes I tried from this book this was another very easy recipe to make. I made this tonight after getting home from work while feeding my one year-old. It to me no more than 30 minutes to prepare.

I increased the recipe in order to have enough to feed three instead of the one serving according to the recipe. Everyone was pleased with the result and I have enough left over to make another one for lunch tomorrow.

Nutrition for Runners: Triple Jump Pizza


Last week I mentioned that one of the items I received for christmas was a copy of the Athlete’s Palate cookbook from Runner’s World. For the second week in a row the recipe I am posting comes from that book so I guess you can say the book is already a hit here. This recipe is found on page 154.

This recipe involves topping a pizza with spinach, three cheeses (mozzarella, provolone and feta), olive oil, garlic and Italian sausage. Like most pizzas it is really quick and easy to make.

I liked the flavour provided by the blend of the three cheeses and the inclusion of spinach provides some great nutritional benefits. The recipe was a hit with my family so I am two for two with this book so far.

Nutrition for Runners: Chicken Mushroom Pizza


After not posting one of these features for the past few weeks I finally got around to trying a new recipe I could post here. Tonight’s recipe came from the November 2013 issue of Runners World. If you have a copy you can find this one on page 101.

This is a relatively easy and quick recipe to make although we made the crust and sauce last night in order to save on preparation time tonight. Once again to make the dough for the crust we used the following recipe.

The sauce is easy to make. You just have to wait to roast a head of garlic then you blend it with white beans, the juice of half a lemon, fresh thyme, olive oil and ricotta cheese. Once you have the sauce on the crust you just add sliced zucchini, mushrooms and chicken. You can also top with caramelized onions as per the actual recipe in Runners World but since I am not a fan we did not add any.

We ended up having enough for two pizzas so one served for dinner tonight and the second one will serve for easy lunches for the family tomorrow.

Running in Hot Weather

With some parts of Canada and the united States experiencing a bit of a heat wave this week it is a good time to take a look tips for running in hot weather.

I had my first taste of the heat wave this evening with the weather hitting 30 C and 38 C with the humidex. As a result, my plan was to take it easy and stay hydrated throughout the day. Staying hyrdrated was especially important given the fact that I did not have a water bottle with me to carry during my run.

How did I do? I managed to keep it to a fairly easy pace for myself, just under 5:00/km. I also threw in a couple walk breaks when I got going faster than I wanted to since there was no need to try and be a hero tonight. I wasn’t out to set a pb. I ended up getting in 9.9 km in 50 minutes tonight.

Speaking of water, if you are running with water pouring water over your head every now and then can help keep you cool. Part of my strategy to deal with the heat during last month’s Ottawa Marathon was to  pour water over my head at many of the water stations. It seemed to help as I was still cool at the end of the race.

Need more tips on running in hot weather? Check out these helpful articles from Canadian Running Magazine and Runner’s World.