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Father’s Day

As you can expect, father’s day had a bit of a running theme for me today. First of all as a gift my wife ordered me a holder for my medals. Now instead of having them hidden away in a drawer I will be able to hang them up. As a bonus, I also received a holder to display race bibs on. Now I just have to find a place in the house to hang them up.

In terms of running today, I planned for my long run of the weekend with my daughter in her Chariot as usual. Not having a specific plan in mind right now I left the house figuring anywhere between 15-20 km would do.

For today’s run we headed out along the Rideau River toward Rockliffe Park. For those not familiar with Ottawa it is home to Canada’s Prime Minister, Governor General and many foreign diplomats.

Speaking of the Prime Minister, as we passed his residence at 24 Sussex I noticed a carousel set-up on the front lawn. My daughter was excited to hear that news although I don’t think she quite understood why we couldn’t go up to the gate and ask to go in and use the carousel.

As mentioned, my plan was for 15-20 km. With it being a really hot day I decided to content myself with a 14.4 km run. Running related gifts and a run with my daughter, I can’t think of a better way to have spent today.

Long Run with the Chariot

If you have read this blog for any period of time you’ll know that many of my weekend runs involve taking my daughter on adventures in her Chariot. Since buying it two years ago we have covered many kilometers around the city with it. It has been a great addition to my running as it allows me to spend more time with my daughter and allows my wife to sleep in on the weekends.

I had not run with the stroller since we stored it in my in-laws garage last fall. Last night we had it delivered to our house and this morning I took my daughter out for her first run of the year. The first thing I noticed once we got going was that I had not run with the Chariot in a while. Part of that was likely due to the windy conditions this morning and also due to the fact that my daughter is now nearly 3 years-old, a big difference from when I started taking her with me at 6 months.

The plan for today was a 25 km (16 mile) run. We got started fairly early morning so not to disrupt the whole day with the run. Whereas it now takes more effort to push my daughter since she is bigger it is also more fun because she is more interactive than the previous two years I took her running with me, taking note of the scenery along the way, singing and telling me to keep going when I stop for a break.

With the windy conditions making it a tougher run with he Chariot this morning, I completed 22.5 km before dropping my daughter at home and completing the remaining 2.5 km on my own. The combination of running with the Chariot and the wind made this morning’s run feel tougher than last weekend’s 32 km (20 mile) effort.

Here are the details on this morning’s run…

Now for something I have not yet done on here before, I thought I would make mention of the craft beer I bought to enjoy after today’s run was over. Yesterday I picked up a bottle of the Legendary Muskoka Spring Oddity since it looked like something fun to try.

For those who are familiar with Belgian beer, this one is like a Leffe Blonde both in taste, fruity and spicy, and in potency, 8% alcohol. It was a good choice to help me recover from today’s run. For those of you who have access to Ontario beer I would recommend grabbing one if you have the chance .