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Run 4 NYC

I was planning to get in a run today while my daughter had her afternoon nap. I hadn’t figured out how far I was going to run or ahead of time. However, while surfing Twitter before I left home I came across the following website. I quickly registered and was off to run an unexpected half-marathon.

This is not the first time I have participated in such a virtual run. I previously participated in runs for Christchurch New Zealand and Japan following powerful earthquakes last year. From what I recall both of those efforts were in their efforts to encourage runners to run and donate to relief efforts.

Hopefully this initiative will be as successful because much assistance is still very much needed in the areas that were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. For runners it is an easy way to contribute while doing something you enjoy.

As for my run, since my wife is due to give birth any day now I decided on two loops that would keep me fairly close to home. I also made sure to bring my phone with me in case I had to return home quickly.

Not having run more than 11 km since the Toronto Waterfront Marathon three weeks ago  I wasn’t sure how my legs would feel. I felt fine once I got going and was able to maintain my marathon pace for the full 21 km, finishing in 1:35.

As for runners who made their way to New York for the marathon, it sounds like many of them volunteered and donated to the relief efforts. You can read about some of those efforts here and here. With all of the negativity surrounding whether the marathon should go ahead or get cancelled and whether the decision to cancel the marathon came too late it was great to read these stories detailing the contributions of runners to relief efforts today.

As for the Run 4 NYC effort I joined today, they are accepting registrations until the 11th of November. Heard here to register, donate and run!