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Preparation the Day Before a Race

As I mentioned last night, I am running a half-marathon tomorrow morning. This had me thinking today about whether I have developed any habits or superstitions the day before a race.

I can’t really say that I have a set routine to prepare myself for a race. In terms of meals, yes I am more conscious of selecting options that are going to leave me energized and feeling ready to run a race the following day. However I do not go as far as sticking to the same meal before every big race.

The day before a marathon I generally go out for a short and easy run. Other than that I will certainly try and limit my activity and try to ensure that I am well rested and I will spend more time going through my stretching routine but I think that is about as close as I get to having a set routine the day before a race.

Today since it is nice out I will be doing some work in the backyard to get our garden ready for planting vegetables this year. I also have to get in an easy run later on as I have not yet been for a run today.

How do you prepare the day before a race? Do you have any superstitions or any routines you like to follow? Do you have a favourite pre-race meal?