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Getting in a Long Run Away From Home

Last weekend my wife and I decided to head out of town to Toronto at the last minute. Since I am at the peak point of my training for next month’s marathon that meant having to plan two early morning runs while on the road.

Since I only had 11-12 km scheduled for Saturday that run was pretty easy to fit in while the rest of the family was asleep. Sunday’s run presented more of a challenge because I had my longest run to date to fit in with my schedule calling for a 34-35 km run.

In order to not rush home we ended up spending the night close to halfway between here and Toronto, in the city I lived in while I was in high school. My initial plan was to get up at the crack of dawn and come up with a route that went by the sites I was familiar with – our old house, my high school, the military airfield etc.

However, my plan changed soon after arriving there when Erin, a friend I met when I ran the Prince Edward County Marathon offered to run with me. Running with a friend was certainly more appealing than doing loops around a small city by myself at the crack of dawn. Instead the plan was for a run in a more rural setting with the chance to hit some trails in a nearby Provincial Park.

I am fortunate that I have several options for running routes here in Ottawa but the opportunity to do a long run somewhere else was a nice change of pace, especially the run on the trails through the park given that I do not often get the opportunity to do any trail running.

After leaving the park we made it back into town and Erin and I parted ways when we got to his house around 27 km into the run. That left me with what ended up being another 9 km along country roads back to where I parked my car when we started a couple of hours earlier.

In the end I finished with 36 km, a run that will be my longest training run before next month’s marathon. Here are the final details on the run…