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Rest Days

With my current current running routine I generally run 6 times per week and schedule one day of rest where I find something else to do although with Monday night soccer season having started for the summer again I am currently replacing one of my easier runs of the week with soccer.

I don’t generally plan my rest days ahead of time, some weeks I will take it the day after a long run other weeks it will come mid-week because of bad weather. For example, with rain for much of the day and dark clouds sticking around late in the afternoon I decided at 4:00 to make today a rest day.

I guess the point I am trying to make here is that I don’t have a set schedule for my rest days other than the fact that I make a point of taking at least one per week. Factors like fatigue and the weather determine when I fit in my day of rest.

Of course this routine can be thrown off during a week of exceptionally poor weather or when I am exceptionally busy with other commitments. In these cases I often look to make up extra mileage during my other runs to make up for the lost mileage.

How do you plan your rest days, do you follow a regular schedule?