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2014 Resolutions

Last year around this time I post a series of resolutions for 2013. I was successful in keeping up with most of them. Following that theme it is now time for my 2014 resolutions. Many of them carry over from last year but I have made some additions and updates. Here are my resolutions for 2014:

  • Do regular yoga stretches .
  • Keep up with the mobility and strength exercises my coach assigns me.
  • Weekly speed intervals at the dome over the winter.
  • Regular hill workouts.
  • Get more sleep instead of staying up too late during the week.
  • Have at least one vegetarian day per week.
  • When the snow is gone, weekend runs with one of the girls in the Chariot.
  • Kick off the racing season with the St Patrick’s Day 10 km in March.
  • Run the Run for Reach half-marathon in April. I’ll add in my goal pace after discussing the plan with my coach.
  • Stick to the running plan my coach assigns me.
  • Match or surpass the amount I raised for the Ottawa Hospital last year as part of Ottawa Race Weekend.
  • Learn from my 2013 marathons and get my Boston qualifying time (3:10) at the Ottawa Marathon in May.
  • Help my wife plan meals so we have healthy food in the house.

What resolutions do you have for 2014?