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Time for Recovery

Last week was my biggest week of training in terms of mileage so far in this training cycle. Starting with my last race, the Run for Reach half-marathon, on Sunday to my 34 km long run Saturday morning I managed to fit in just under 106 km.

Now this is not anything new for me, I have completed 100 km weeks in previous training cycles and I don’t think it was my biggest week ever. What makes this time different is that I am now scheduled for a recovery week this week.

In previous training cycles at this point in my training I would have pushed ahead for another big week right up until it was time to start my three week taper.

This time, as mentioned in previous posts, my coach has me working in four week blocks of training with three tough weeks followed by a week of recovery. It is an important aspect to training I may have been missing until I started working with my coach.

After not running yesterday and today I will get back at it tomorrow. Overall I only have three runs scheduled for this week, all of them at an easy pace. The goal for this week will simply be to allow my legs to recover from last week. Following that there will be time for another big week and a three week taper.