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Saturday Stories

It is time once again for another edition of Saturday Stories, a collection of some of my favourite stories and blog posts from the past week. 

Here are this week’s stories…

Tips for new runners looking to buy shoes.

A post about blogging and running.

Finally two posts about returning to running after serious injuries here and here.

Saturday Stories


It is time once again for another edition of Saturday Stories, a collection of some of my favourite stories and blog posts from the past week. As always, if you came across anything you feel is worthy of mention here feel free to post a link below.

Here are this week’s stories…

Reid Coolsaet’s post about training in Kenya ofer Christmas.

A post about dealing with setbacks or injuries.

Finally, if you are recovering from an injury here is some inspiration.

Update from the Hospital


I’ve been pretty quiet on here lately. Unfortunately I have had to take an extended break from running for health reasons. Nearly two weeks ago Now I thought I came down with a case of food poisoning. Last weekend it became apparent that I had something more serious.

I’ve now been in the hospital since last Wednesday after being diagnosed with a case of acute appendicitis. Due to the antibiotics I was placed on to clear out the infection I had I am starting to feel much better and on the verge of being able to go back home.

I am not sure yet what this all means for my running plans for the winter and spring. Once I do leave the hospital I will still have to return for surgery to remove my appendix in a few months. While I am waiting for surgery I will be able to get back to regular running after a slow and easy build up although I will have to take another break when the time for surgery comes.

Since my health and recovery will be my top priority for the upcoming months I will have to wait and see what the plan for my surgery is before I can make any race plans for the upcoming year.

If any runners out there have any experience with returning to running after suffering from appendicitis I would be interested in any feedback or tips you may have.

Physio and Recovery from Injury

Since I started running six years ago I have been fortunate to stay injury free the majority of the time. In that time I have only experienced two injuries that affected my running plans. Neither caused me to miss much time and on both occasions I experienced the benefits of physiotherapy for recovery.

The first injury occurred as I was training for my first half-marathon. The injury was an IT band injury. The injury, caused by a combination of tight muscles and running in a worn down pair of shoes, slowed my my training for 1-2 weeks. After a few physio sessions followed by the purchase of a foam roller my training was back on track and I have not experienced the same problem since.

My second experience with physio is a more recent one. You may recall that I sprained my ankle playing soccer just over four weeks before October’s Toronto Waterfront Marathon. The key to recovery in that case was physio again. I started physio less than a week after injuring my ankle and was able to begin easy running two weeks after my injury. I was able to recover in time to run a 3:30 marathon in Toronto.

While I have been fortunate to stay relatively injury free I have had positive experiences with with physio in helping me recover from the my injuries and getting back to running quickly.

Have yoto had positive experiences with physiotherapy while recovering from a running injury?

Race Recap: Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Today’s marathon was number seven for me. I signed up for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon after running a 3:17 in Ottawa, hoping to at least get myself closer to my BQ of 3:10.

My training went well over the summer and into September. That was until I sprained my ankle playing soccer just over four weeks ago. The injury forced me to miss a pacing gig in the Army Run half-marathon.  My ability to run yesterday’s marathon was not guaranteed at that point either. Fortunately, with the help of physio, I was able to slowly start running again a couple of weeks ago.

I decided to line-up with the 3:15 pacer at the start in order to see if I could come close to or beat my time from Ottawa in May. The conditions to start the race were not ideal with steady rain falling as everyone made their way into the start corrals.

The rain continued after the start but stopped around the time I hit the 7 km mark. I was feeling good through the half and still with the 3:15 group at that point. However, by the time I hit the 30 km mark my hamstrings and quads had had enough and I could feel a blister developing on one of my big toes.

At this point the only thing that mattered was getting myself to the finish line. I slowed my pace and took some walk breaks from there to the finish.

Ed Whitlock, a holder of several world records for masters runners, passed me with about 4-5 km to go. He ended up finishing just ahead of me. Apparently he was also recovering from an injury that cut into his training time. Seeing him on the course yesterday was inspiring. I hope I can still run when I am his age.

I crossed the finish line in 3:30, my slowest time in 4 or 5 marathons. However, I can’t say that I am disappointed with the result.

In the short span of four weeks I went from this…

To this…

While things did not go the way I planned when I originally signed up for the race I am happy that I was able to run a good time in a marathon just four weeks after spraining my ankle and, the most important thing about yesterday, my ankle felt fine after running a marathon.

My Plan for My Final 2 Weeks of Training

Today marks three weeks since I sprained my ankle playing soccer. The Toronto Waterfront Marathon is now less than two weeks away. Fortunately I have been able to get back to running last Thursday which means I should still be able to run in Toronto.

I started off with a 10 minute run on Thursday and have been adding about 10 minutes each day since. In terms of mileage, today’s 9 km effort was the longest which is about what I would normally aim for on a Monday run.

With less than two weeks of training left my plan is to continue to progress each day by adding and extra 5-10 minutes, time permitting. Another positive sign is that I have been able to increase my pace the last two times out with sub 5:00/km efforts.

If all works out according to plan I am hoping to be able to get in a 20 km run this upcoming weekend. Since I have not run more than 9 km since my injury if anything a 20 km run should provide a much needed mental boost ahead of the marathon.

In terms of goals for the marathon, at this point I am not worried about my time goal. I am just concerned with getting to the finish line. I’ll concern myself with another pb and hopefully a BQ hopefully the next time out.

Week 14 of Training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon

This week I took my first steps toward getting back on track for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon which is just over two weeks away from now. After having to be content with just being able to ride a bike last week this week I was able to get back to running.

Following a five minute run on a treadmill at my physio appointment Wednesday morning I received the green light to go for an easy run outside. My first run since the injury was a 10 minute effort yesterday. Today I was able to follow that up with a 20 minute effort. The key to both runs is that my stride felt fine and I did not feel any pain afterward.

The plan for tomorrow is to go for a 30 minute run. If that goes well I will go for a 35-40 minute run Sunday. For now I will just focus on time. I figure I can start worrying about increasing the pace next week. I’m just pleased to be able to get back to running  and be able to get myself back on track to run the marathon.

How did your training go this week?


As previously mentioned, I have been biking for over a week now in an effort to maintain my cardio while I am not able to run.  While it has helped me remain active and maintain my fitness it remains to be seen how this layoff from running will affect me once I get back to running.

I started out with short and easier effoweek on the bike last week and have progressively picked up the distance and pace. My last four workouts have all been at least 40 minutes in an effort to copy the length of my shortest runs. My longest. Effort was a one hour bike ride last night.

While I enjoy biking am grateful that I was able to start so soon after my injury I am anxious to get back to running in order to confirm whether I will be able to run the Toronto Waterfront Marathon and to get an idea of the pace I might be able to run if I am able to run the marathon.

Have you had to take up biking or another activity while an injury prevented you from running? 

Week 13 of Training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon


I decided to post my review of week 13 tonight since I likely won’t have to to post tomorrow night. Week 13 was the first step on my road to recovery from the sprained ankle I suffered about week and a half ago.
At my my physio appointment on Monday I was told I could start biking again, an important step not only in an effort to maintain my cardio in order to stay in shape for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon but also in order to maintain my sanity as I was starting to get restless after a week of inactivity following the injury.
I started off by going for an easy 15-20 minute bike ride Monday night. I followed that up with a 40 minute effort yesterday which ended up being a 14-15 km ride. Tonight since I am on the road for business I did 40 minutes on a stationary bike at the hotel gym.
Tomorrow my day will be pretty busy but I do plan to head back to the hotel gym for more stationary bike workouts Saturday and Sunday before I head home Sunday evening. If anything these workouts this week have helped get me back in a positive state of mind.
While being able to bike is a positive step I am hopefully that my ankle will continue to progress and that I will be able to resume light running soon.
How did your week go?

On the Road to Recovery

A week has now passed since I sprained my ankle playing soccer. After a week of rest and a couple of physio appointments I am starting to make progress in my recovery. Hopefully this week will show more signs of improvement.

So far the swelling has gone down in my foot although some swelling remains in my ankle. I have also managed to stay disciplined by going through my list of physio exercises at least a couple of times per day.

Tomorrow I plan to bring an ice pack with me to work. Being able to ice my ankle a couple more times than I have been each day should help deal with the swelling I my ankle. Fortunately I have a job where I am at a desk for most of the day and can do this without affecting my work.

Tonight I also managed to get in my first cardio workout since the injury after getting the green light at physio this morning. Although it was just a short and easy bike ride it felt good to be moving again after a week of inactivity left me feeling restless. Since did no feel any pain I now planning to try and fit in bike rides tomorrow and Wednesday.

I still have a long way to go before I can get back to running but at now that I am back to doing some cardio it should not be too much of an adjustment once I get back to running.

Have you experienced long layoffs from running?