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Week 16 of Training For the Toronto Waterfront Marathon

My training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon is officially over. Today’s lunch hour run put an to my 16 weeks of training for what will be my seventh marathon on Sunday. In my last week of training I completed just under 43 km.

The week started off with a 20 km run Sunday morning. Normally at that point I would not have gone that far but given that I was just getting back to running after recovering from a sprained ankle it was important to see if I could complete that distance. Following that, my other runs this week an easy 8 km run Monday, an 8.7 km tempo run Wednesday and an easy 6 km run today.

Speaking of my sprained ankle, it is not quite at 100% but it is close to being there and certainly strong enough to run the marathon. I was uncertain when I got back to running how much it would impact me on race day but last Sunday’s 20 km run and Wednesday’s tempo run have certainly left me feeling more optimistic.

Another reason for optimism is that I had a good training cycle up until I sprained my ankle. I added weekly speed intervals and hill repeats to my training and I was once again able to complete four 32 km (20 mile) training runs before I hurt my ankle, the last one of those long runs being the same day I hurt my ankle.

There you have it. My 16 weeks of training are complete. Now all that remains is to go out and have a strong run on race day!

How did your training go this week?

Back to Running

Yesterday I got my first taste of running since I injured my ankle nearly three weeks ago now. Due to the progress I have made so far my physiotherapist had me run on the treadmill in order to see if I would have any pain in my ankle. That went well, I was able to run pain free and without altering my stride for five minutes.

That was enough for me to get the green light to go for an easy 5-10 minute run outside. Excited to finally be able to head out for a run I got up early this morning and headed out the door for my run. I ended up running for 10.5 minutes at an average pace of just under 6:00/km. Again there was no pain or swelling following my run.

This means that I can go for another run tomorrow. I will likely try to get out at lunch time. I also plan to run for a longer period of time tomorrow. Since I was able to run for 10 minutes today I will aim for 15-20 minutes tomorrow.

For now I plan to take it pretty easy with my pace and ease my way back into a running routine. As long as I don’t feel any pain in my ankle I will continue to schedule another run and progressively add more time each time I go for a run.

So far my recovery is going well. Hopefully I can continue to run pain free. If that trend continues then I should be able to run the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in just over two weeks.