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Back to Running

Following my usual post-marathon steps to recovery seems to have worked again as I am planning to get in my first post-marathon run tomorrow after work. As with my last couple of marathons I followed most of these steps.

The first steps to my recovery were to drink a protein shake and have a cold bath immediately after the marathon. If you have not tried it before, taking a cold bath or an ice bath might sound crazy but it does help with recovery. I have taken one after my last four marathons and each time I have been able to get back to running quickly.

Since I was in Philly the next thing I did was to go to Geno’s for a cheesesteak. Step 2 in the article I posted above recommends refueling with carbs, protein and sodium. I’m pretty sure I got all of that and then some from the cheesesteak.

It will be an easy and relatively short run, about 8 km since I’ll take the shortest route home from work. I plan to ease my way back into a routine and will wait until sometime next week before trying a longer and more intense run.

I still don’t haven’t thought of what I will work toward next but that will come soon enough. For now I will enjoy some easy recovery runs to get me back into the routine.

How soon do you get back to running after a big race?