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Completing a Marathon Without Training?

There are many debates surrounding the proper way to train for a marathon, from which training program is best to how much mileage you should do. This is to say that there does not seem to be one method that is accepted as the right way or the best way to properly train for a marathon.

However, I’m pretty sure this is not the right way. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think everyone needs to set aggressive goals and push themselves to the limit so they can run a sub-three hour marathon.

Some people enjoying running more for the social aspect and finishing times are not as important to them. The key here is that they are still regular runners and have trained for the distances they run.

To me the case in this article sets a bad example for others. I think he is probably lucky that he only ended up with a strained tendon in  one knee and a minor injury to one of his feet. Others who attempt to run a marathon under similar conditions might not be so lucky.

What do you think of this one? What do you think the best way to train for a marathon is?