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Specialized Running Shoes vs. Minimalist Shoes

I came across a Globe and Mail article regarding the merits of specialized running shoes that correct for under and overpronation.

If you have been into running for a while you are surely familiar with the debate between running specialized shoes and minimalist shoes.

Secialized shoes offer various levels of support and are meant to compensate for under and overpronation.

Minimalist shoes are meant to encourage us to run with a more natural stride by forcing us to land on the balls of our feet instead of our heels.

As for the study in question, the researchers took 81 women, assigning some of them the ”correct” shoes and some of them the ”wrong” shoes. Those who were assigned the ”correct” shoes ended up being more likely to be injured. In the end, the authors of the study recommended choosing shoes that make you comfortable.

I do not know much about minimalist running and I have not yet had any experience with minimalist footware and am interested in learning more. Do you have any experience running in minimalist footware?