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Snow Day


There isn’t much that stops me from going for a scheduled run but a record snowfall did today. The fact that we received a big dump of snow today wasn’t a surprise, meteorologists had been warning about it and I woke up expecting to hear that my daughter’s school bus was cancelled.

Despite that I packed my running gear as usual, hoping the sidewalks would be ploughed by the time I left work. Unfortunately there was too much snow, 49cm (19 inches) a record one day snowfall here. Since the sidewalks were a mess I opted to take the bus home and save my run for another day.

Unfortunately what would normally be a 40-45 minute commute turned into a 3.5 hour commute that at times left me wishing I had decided to attempt my run. Not running was probably the right choice but waiting an hour for my first bus and then having my second bus which would normally take 5-10 minutes to get me home turn into a ride of over an hour made for a frustrating end to the day.

On a positive note, the shovelling I did tonight has to count for some cross training!


Postponing Tonight’s Run

Tonight I had planned to complete an easy 8 km run after work. My plan seemed to be going well until about 4:00 this afternoon when a combination of steady rain and fatigue resulting from not enough sleep had me questioning whether I should run.

In the end the decision to postpone my run won out and I decided to take advantge and get some rest. I am planning to head to bed after I finish this post in the hope that I will be well rested and more energized tomorrow.

To make up for the missed mileage I am planning to either run twice tomorrow, once before work and once after, in order to make up for the 17 km I was planning to run today and tomorrow.

The two run option seems more likely at this point as I will likely not have time for a 17 km run, either before or after work.

Do you find yourself making up for mileage if you miss a run? How do you compensate for a missed run?