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Running Plans for the Rest of the Year

As I mentioned Friday night, I am on pace to surpass my overall mileage total from last year. It has provided me with my first post-marathon running goal.

After an 8 km run with the Chariot today I have three more runs left in November. All three runs will likely be runs home from work so I am aiming  for three 10 km runs to close out this month. My plan is also to try one of the three runs at tempo pace with the other two just being easy recovery runs.

If I manage to get in 30 km over my last three runs of the month I’ll be left with a total of 230 km for the month. It would also leave me needing just 186 km in December in order to pass my mileage from last year.

So far that is the only post-marathon goal I have given myself. I likely will not run another race this year because there are not many options left. I had contemplated the idea of running the annual Resolution Run on New Year’s Eve but that race is already sold out here.

With that it looks like I’ll end 2011 with the goal of passing my mileage total from 2011. I’ll probably start looking at race options for 2011 soon in order to give myself some goals to aim for but for.

What are your running plans for the rest of the year?