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Marathon Profile: Solar Eclipse Marathon

Tonight I found a certainly unique marathon to profile. It is the Solar Eclipse Marathon which will take place in North-East Australia in November of 2012.

I am not sure if such a race has been offered before or is planned in other parts of the world but from what I can tell it is a first.

The marathon involves meeting at the corrals located on a beach at 6:30 in order to watch the eclipse with the other runners. Once the sun re-emerges from behind the moon the race will start.

The course is a mix of trail and road running with parts of it taking place along the beach, in the forest, along sugar cane fields and in Port Douglas itself. For this reason it is advertised as an adventure, certainly a race where you are going to look to set a personal best time in the marathon.

If this is not enough, due to the location of Port Douglas, travel packages also include tours of the Great Barrier Reef.

It is funny that today my wife figured we should buy a lottery ticket for this week after hearing an ad on the radio. We discussed what we would want to do with the money if we ever won. After paying off our house and setting up an education fund for our daughter I have now found something to put at the top of my list!