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Product Review: PocketFuel

I became familiar with PocketFuel when  samples of  their nut butters arrived in my monthly Stridebox. I liked them, so when Pocket Fuel offered me a discount code recently I placed an order for some of their other products.

I ordered the vanilla, java and mocha energy shots to fuel my runs  – and the chocolate espresso, chocolate haze butter and vanilla haze nut butter blends.

You will notice that the energy shots are all coffee based. And if you,ve been reading this blog for a while, you will know that I am not a coffee drinker.

I used one of the nut butter blends that I receive in my Stridebox the  morning of a half marathon a couple years ago. I ended up having a pretty good race, so I was interested in trying them again.

I tried out three nut butter blends.  I had them about 30-60 minutes before my planned run. In terms of flavours, the vanilla haze and chocolate haze both tasted like Nutella – although less sweet. The almond butter-based chocolate espresso blend was drier and had a hint of coffee in the taste.

I liked all three flavours and found them to be a good source of energy for my runs that averaged anywhere from 9-15 km. In terms of flavour I preferred the two hazelnut based ones because they were a little sweeter. However, I wouldn’t hesitate to use the chocolate espresso one again.

In terms of the energy shots, I used them both before and during runs. I tried them about 15 minutes for my runs and when going for a long run I brought an extra one to use at the halfway point. Being coffee based,  the caffeine provides a pretty quick boost of energy mid-run.

In terms of flavours, the vanilla energy shot was probably my favourite one because it tasted the least like coffee. The mocha energy shot had a bit of a chocolate taste to it and the java energy shot tasted the most like coffee.

Although the vanilla one was my favourite I would use the other two flavours for runs again. One thing I will say for all three flavours is that I did not find any of them to be bitter. I particularly liked the fact that these gels are much lower in sugar content than other products on the market.

Note that I was not paid or sponsored for this post. The views posted here are my own.