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Running While on Vacation Again

I wrote a post about running while in vacation last summer while I was on vacation with the family in Maine. Since I am on vacation this week in Toronto I though I would write another post about running on vacation to discuss how I am fitting it in this time around.

Since I am training for a fall marathon, yet again, I planed to fit in a few runs when we planned this trip. We made the trip down here yesterday afternoon so I took yesterday as a day off from running and planned to run today, tomorrow and Friday while in Toronto.

Since my wife had a work related function to attend today I planned to get in today’s run in the evening. The fact that I am digital champion for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon this year gave me contacts in the Toronto running community and I was able to join a group run this evening for a run.

Tomorrow I have speed intervals on the schedule. I plan to get them in at the crack of dawn while the rest of the family us asleep because my four year-old and I will be heading to see the Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago White Sox in action tomorrow night after we get back from a day at the zoo.

Friday will be an early morning as well since we are headed back home late in the afternoon meaning and evening run is out of the question.

In addition to having a great vacation in Toronto this week I am also having a good training week by fitting in my scheduled runs. Once again the key has been being able to be flexible with my schedule in terms of the timing of my runs.