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Cross Training Thursday

Today was a scheduled day of rest for me. It comes at a good time as the new #runchat challenge announced today is a cross training challenge. For that reason I am going to write about tonight’s cross training.

To start off the day I initially planned to get in an easy bike ride this morning. This is something I have been doing on my rest days for the past two weeks. However, I was too tired when the alarm first went off this morning so I decided to get more sleep.

As a result, my cross training this evening involved a series of stretching. My current stretching routine involves going through the “10 best yoga poses for runners”. I found these exercises online earlier this year and have been using them regularly since. The exercises have certainly helped improved the flexibility in my legs.

The second series of exercises I used tonight was this series of pilates moves for runners which my wife found for me in an article on the Runners World website. Tonight I took the time to go through each one after I did the previously mentioned yoga stretches.

To top it off tonight, I got out the foam roller and rolled my legs to finish off my stretching for the evening. My quads and it bands seemed to need it the most tonight.

What forms of cross training do you incorporate into your training?