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Physio and Recovery from Injury

Since I started running six years ago I have been fortunate to stay injury free the majority of the time. In that time I have only experienced two injuries that affected my running plans. Neither caused me to miss much time and on both occasions I experienced the benefits of physiotherapy for recovery.

The first injury occurred as I was training for my first half-marathon. The injury was an IT band injury. The injury, caused by a combination of tight muscles and running in a worn down pair of shoes, slowed my my training for 1-2 weeks. After a few physio sessions followed by the purchase of a foam roller my training was back on track and I have not experienced the same problem since.

My second experience with physio is a more recent one. You may recall that I sprained my ankle playing soccer just over four weeks before October’s Toronto Waterfront Marathon. The key to recovery in that case was physio again. I started physio less than a week after injuring my ankle and was able to begin easy running two weeks after my injury. I was able to recover in time to run a 3:30 marathon in Toronto.

While I have been fortunate to stay relatively injury free I have had positive experiences with with physio in helping me recover from the my injuries and getting back to running quickly.

Have yoto had positive experiences with physiotherapy while recovering from a running injury?