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Perth Kilt Run

Last year I missed the kilt race but made sure to register on time this year. I wasn’t sure what expect given the heat – it had not cooled down much by the time we started at 6:00 meaning the temperature was still close to 30 – and the fact that I have never run in a kilt, or worn one for that matter.

I started off pretty quick, trying to get ahead of the crowd so I could run at my own pace. In doing so I thought I started off too quickly but I felt good and kept going at what seemed like a fairly steady pace.

The course looped through town for 3 – 4 km then directed us on to the golf course where we followed the golf cart path for another 3 km. There weren’t any big hills on the course but it seemed like there were a lot of rolling hills.

According to my Garmin I finished in 33:44. Turns out that was good enough for 21st overall and 5/110 in my age group.

There was not much of a break from the heat along the course so the heat was starting to get to me toward the end. In terms of running in a kilt, I could feel it kind of bouncing up and down on my waist as I ran for the first 2 km but did not really notice it after that.

I’ll post a picture of me at the race later when I have time.

Canada Day

Given that Canada Day fell on a Friday this year today is the start of a long weekend here. I’ve been off to a pretty quiet start so far.

I was tired because I was up pretty early and my legs felt like they could use a rest so I did not force myself to go for a run this morning. The fact that I am running the kilt race in Perth tomorrow also has me feeling like a day of rest is a good idea today.

Skipping a run today will still leave me with about 50 km for the week which is around what i have been averaging since the Ottawa Marathon. That will start to pick up again in a few weeks as I begin my 16 week training program for the Philadelphia Marathon.

Later today I’ll probably end up spending some time in my in-laws pool so I guess that sort of counts as cross training. Other than that it will be a pretty low-key day.

As already mentioned, I am doing the 8 km kilt race tomorrow, not sure that I’ll be breaking any records in that one given the heat and the fact that I will be wearing a kilt, and Sunday I will head out early to get in a long run before it gets too hot.

What are your running plans for this holiday weekend, for those of you in Canada and the United States?

Running Without a Plan, For Now…

As previously mentioned, my next marathon will be the Philadelphia Marathon on November 20. Most of my upcoming training over the summer months will be geared toward getting ready for that race.

Since I had some success with Bart Yasso’s 16 week training plan for hard-core runners, and since I enjoyed the variety of speedwork sessions his plan calls for, I am planning on using this plan again to prepare for Philly.

I just entered my scheduled runs into Google Calendar tonight and 16 weeks before Philly and I will be starting my marathon training program the last week of July. This leaves me with approximately a month and a half of running without a plan. 

The next race I am actually scheduled to run is the Perth Kilt Run on July 2.  Since this one is just an 8 km race I won’t run a specific training plan for it. I plan on continuing my regular schedule of running 6 days per week with at least one tempo run mixed in and a long run on Sundays with the distance depending on how I feel and how much time I have to devote to a longer run that day.

My plan is to continue that routine to keep myself going until I start my training plan to get myself ready for Philly.

Do you ever find yourself running without a plan? How do you keep yourself motivated to keep going?

Back on Track

I went for my first post-marathon run tonight. I opted for an easy run home from work and ended up doing 8.75 km in 45 minutes. It felt good to get back to running after a few days. My legs felt good, any stiffness or aches from the marathon are now gone.

I think I will now plan to head for a run after work tomorrow and probably a couple over the weekend as well. For now I’ll probably end up keeping those at an easy pace. Next week when I am feeling up to it I might try something at a tempo pace.

In terms of upcoming adventures, I do have a few races planned over the upcoming months. The first will be the Perth Kilt Run. This one is an 8 km race and as the name implies, runners must wear a kilt. Not sure how this one will go since I have never run in a kilt before, I haven’t actually ever worn one before either, but it should be fun.

In August I am planning on doing the 5 Peaks Camp Fortune trail race again. Last year I completed the 12 km course and quite enjoyed it as a change of pace from my usual routes around the city.

In September I will participate in the Army Run. Last year I participated in the 5 km event as a pace bunny for the first time and will be looking to do so again this year as it was a fun experience.

Finally, as I alluded to in my race report Sunday, I was looking for a fall marathon. Tuesday I ended up registering for the Philadelphia Marathon. Why Philly? I asked Bart Yasso on Twitter if it was a good choice and his response was that it is fast course with cool temperatures. That was enough to sell me on this one. An added bonus is that unlike some of the other large late season marathons this one is not currently soldout. I have not yet been to Philadelphia so if you have any insight on the marathon course or on what there is to see and do in the city please feel free to comment below.

Perth Kilt Run

Last night I registered for my third race in 2011 by registering for the Perth Kilt Run which takes place in July. Normally I would not rush to register for a smaller race so far ahead of time but this one did sellout last year and the end of the early bird price was coming up soon because they need to order kilts for the race.

As for the race, as I mentioned last year was the inaugural race. It was an attempt to break the Guinness World Record of 250 people running a race in a kilt. They managed to beat the record with 1,210 runners.

The race is a 5 mile (8 km ) loop through the town of Perth which is located about an hour away from Ottawa. For more information you can also go here.

I am not sure what to expect from this race. I have never worn a kilt, let alone run in one so it should be interesting to say the least.