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Race Report – St Patrick’s Day 10 km


As mentioned in a post the other day, yesterday was my next scheduled race. I ran a 10 km race. It was my first race since I ran the Philadelphia Marathon in November.

I’ve this race four straight years now. I’ve used this race as part of my training for the Ottawa Marathon in May. In the past I did not try to race this race, electing to run closer to my goal marathon pace instead.

In talking with my coach I decided to race it and see if I could beat my pb in the 10 km, currently 40:31. As opposed to previous years when I stuck to a pace of 4:20-4:30/km my goal was to go out quicker.

While it was warmer than it has been recently it was still a cool and windy morning. Fortunately I live close to the start line so I was able to head over at the last minute.

The course for this race is an out and back course along the Rideau Canal. I managed to head out from the start around 4:00/km.

I felt good heading to the halfway turnaround point. However, in looking at my splits after the race it was just before the halfway point that I lost time in this race. My fourth and fifth kilometres were my slowest of the race with me dropping down to 4:13 and 4:09 per km.

Interestingly enough, my first and last kilometres ended up being my fastest kilometres at 3:58 and 3:59 per km. I am not sure what happened at this point in the race we could have been headed into the wind at that point or there is a bit of an incline at that point and I could have slowed down more than I realized when I reached that point.

I finished with a time of 41:20, just short of a pb. I’m still pleased with the result, it was a good way to start the race season. It was my fastest time in the four years I have done the race. I think it was still useful as part of my training for the Ottawa Marathon in May.

Next Race: Ottawa St. Patrick’s Day 10 km


My next race is coming up Saturday morning. This will be my fourth straight year doing this race. I’ve used the race as an early tune-up for the Ottawa Marathon. The best part about the race is that the start line is just a few blocks away from my house.

I have not really raced this one in the past, choosing to stick closer to my goal marathon pace with my times ranging from 42 minutes to just over 44 minutes.

Given the time of year it is hard to predict the weather for race day. In the years I have done it there was a year where I could have been wearing short sleeves and there was a year where it was still cold enough for me to be wearing gloves and a hat. The early forecast for this year is just above 0 and snow.

In terms of a plan for this year I discussed with my coach and his suggestion was to just go for it and race because I have enough time to recover afterward. My current 10km pb is 40:31 I set last summer. If the conditions are Saturday morning I think I will have a good chance of matching or beating that time.