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New Shoes

20140331-221242.jpgSince my previous pair of race flats, Mizuno Wave Ronin 3’s, reached the end of their life-cycle I bought myself a new pair last week. I am hoping to be able to wear these in the Ottawa Marathon in just over a month from now.

This time for race flats I decided to go with a pair of New Balance RC1 400 because I have have had good luck using the New Balance 890 as my everyday trainer. I also read several positive reviews of the new version of the RC 1400.

I was pretty excited to get to try them out at the dome for my 3 km test last Thursday. So far so good. They felt great last week. After my first use I was pleased with my purchase. I am not sure yet whether I will do this week’s speed work indoor or outdoor but I will have an opportunity to get another good run in them Thursday night.

Of course the big test will be when I take them for a long run. As mentioned I had Mizuno Wave Ronin 3’s before and was able to run a marathon in them without issue. I plan on wearing my RC 1400’s for one of my remaining long runs in order to see how it feels and to work them in a little more before race day.

If I don’t feel comfortable in them I will go back to my everyday shoe for race day but for now the place is to use these on race day.


My Collection of Shoes

Ever wonder how many pairs of shoes runners go through when training for a marathon? Given that most pairs of shoes seem to last about 600-700 km. When you run upwards of 300 km per month while training for a marathon the answer is several pair. This is a picture of my current collection of shoes.

I started with the grey pair of New Balance 890. This pair carried me through the second half of my training for the Philadelphia Marathon and I was still using them when I started training for the Ottawa Marathon in January.

I bought the black pair of New Balance 890 in December and they became my main pair of shoes until I bought my yellow and white Mizuno Wave Elixir’s last month and I have been alternating both pair for the last month as I get my last mileage out of the New balance shoes.

Finally, I have my Mizuno Wave Ronin’s for races and for track workouts. The pair in the picture is actually the second pair I have used during this training cycle as the previous pair was replaced a couple of months ago.

New Shoes

One thing I like about running is getting to test new gear or products. With my current shoes approaching 600 km in usage I searched the internet over the past couple of weeks for a deal on something similar to the New Balance 890 I have been using.

I managed to take advantage of a closeout deal from Holabird Sports and pick up a pair of Mizuno Wave Elixir6. Incidentally, this was the second Holabird closeout deal I have take advantage of recently as I also picked up a new pair of Mizuno Wave Ronin 3’s for races.

My new shoes came in yesterday but since I ended up coming down with a cold, likely a byproduct of not nearly enough sleep last weekend and a fast half-marathon on Sunday, I did not get to try them yesterday.

It also looked like I would not get out for a run today as I stayed home from work since I was not feeling well again this morning. However, after a day of napping and watching dvds I felt good enough late in the day to head out for a short easy run.

So far the verdict is that I am quite pleased with my purchase. They are as light as the New Balance 890 shoes I had been running in yet like the 890 they still offer some support.

I am also pleased I managed to find such good deals on shoes I was looking for. Taking advantage of the two closeout deals online allowed me to pick-up two pairs of shoes for roughly the price of what a new pair would cost me in a store.

New Shoes

This past weekend it was time to buy a new pair of shoes again as my current pair of trainers now have over 600 km on them. For the past few years I have been using New Balance 760 and the 769 before that for an everyday trainer.

I have not had any issues with these shoes, they worked for me and fit my feet well. However, this time I went looking for an everyday shoe that was lighter. Since I have had good experiences with my previous pairs of New Balance shoes I decided to go with another New Balance pair.

As you can tell from the picture above I ended up with a pair of the 890. I had tried them on in the store on a previous occasion and decided to give them a try as an everyday shoe. Tonight was my first run in them, an easy 10 km run.

My first impression is a good one as they felt comfortable and noticeably lighter than my previous trainers. We’ll see if my thoughts are still the same after a few hundred kilometers.

Have you tried the New Balance 890? If so, what did you think?