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New Shoes

This past weekend it was time to buy a new pair of shoes again as my current pair of trainers now have over 600 km on them. For the past few years I have been using New Balance 760 and the 769 before that for an everyday trainer.

I have not had any issues with these shoes, they worked for me and fit my feet well. However, this time I went looking for an everyday shoe that was lighter. Since I have had good experiences with my previous pairs of New Balance shoes I decided to go with another New Balance pair.

As you can tell from the picture above I ended up with a pair of the 890. I had tried them on in the store on a previous occasion and decided to give them a try as an everyday shoe. Tonight was my first run in them, an easy 10 km run.

My first impression is a good one as they felt comfortable and noticeably lighter than my previous trainers. We’ll see if my thoughts are still the same after a few hundred kilometers.

Have you tried the New Balance 890? If so, what did you think?

Time for New Shoes Again

With over 500 km on my current pair of shoes and given that I took advantage of a Groupon offer for a discount on footwear at one of the local running stores the other day, I am planning on buying a new pair of shoes this weekend. With a little over a month left before race day this pair will be the one to get me through the Ottawa Marathon.

I guess it has to do with me looking to find any possible advantage I can in order to help me in my goal to run a Boston qualifying time but I have been debating whether it would be worthwhile to get a lighter pair of shoes for my speedwork and race day.

My current pair of shoes are New Balance 760. It is also the model of shoes I wore during the Prince Edward County Marathon in October. Before that I ran two Ottawa marathons in New Balance 769 shoes.

Given that the New Balance 760 has been discontinued I will be getting a new model of shoe regardless of what I decide this weekend. The question is whether I just move up to the New Balance 860 and/or do I look into getting myself a lighter pair of shoes for my speedwork sessions and for race day.

I will likely play it safe and just buy a pair of New Balance 860 but I do intend to ask this question when I go shopping this weekend. What do you think? Do you use a lighter shoe for race day and for your speedwork sessions?