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Marathon Profile: Mt Kilimanjaro Marathon


Tonight I decided to find a more exotic marathon to profile and I think I found just that with the Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon. This one offers an experience that would be hard to match.

The marathon course involves a 10.5 km loop in the town of Moshi which is situated on the lower slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. However, registering for the Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon does not involve just registering for a marathon.

Before you run the marathon this one gives one you the opportunity to embark on a five-day climb to the summit of Africa’s tallest peak. You can check out the itinerary here. What do you think, would you be ready to run a marathon five days after climbing 18,000-19,000 feet?

Obviously this is one that most runners will not get an opportunity to run but it is fun to dream of which races we would like to do were time and money no object.

My interest in Kilimanjaro came after seeing the Imax movie which profiled group of climbers making their way to the summit. Being able to do that and adding a marathon to the trip would be a dream trip for me.

What races would like to do if time and money were no object?