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January Wrap-up

As you can imagine from my last couple of posts, things did not go according to the plan for the rest of the month I posted on the 17th. √ā¬†Unfortunately my life took an unexpected turn the day after I made that post.

Since that day instead of focusing on pace or distance my runs have been more about getting outside and providing me with a an outlet to help deal with the unexpected loss of my father.

Tonight’s 8.5 km run pushed my monthly total to 160 km. While that is certainly nowhere the mileage I expected to do when I planned my training schedule for the month but I think that the fact I managed to get out for any runs over the last week and a half is a good thing.

Only this week am I start to think about training for races and running regularly. As mentioned last night, this week I am aiming for 50-60 km before I officially start my 16 week training program for May’s Ottawa Marathon next week.

As February starts I’ll be back to focused training which will provide me with an extra push when I run. At the same time I think running regularly will help me continue to deal with what happened this month as I know my father took pride in the fact that I started training for marathons.