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Week 13 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


There are now 50 days to go until race weekend. Week 13 was the start of a new four week block or training for me. That meant this week was a week of full training after a recovery week last week and I also received a new series of exercises from my coach to do over the next four weeks.

In terms of running, the key workouts this week were Tuesday and Thursday when I did tempo runs. I took the shortest route home from work which is about 8.7 km. As a result I ended with 8 km at tempo pace and about 700 m of a cool down both nights. I felt good on both occasions, especially last night since I was able to beat Tuesday’s time by just over a minute.

In terms of the exercises my coach assigned me, I now have more exercises to add to my stretching and mobility routine and strength exercises have been replaced with exercises aimed at core stability and lower body endurance. Speaking of strength exercises, it seems like they have paid off because I weighed myself this week and was surprised to see that I have added 5-10 pounds of weight.

In terms of the rest of the week I have an easy 10 km run planned for this evening and a 32 km run planned for the weekend. The long run will be particularly important because it will be another opportunity to test race day nutrition. I also plan wear my new shoes to see how they feel over a longer distance. Once again I will finish that run with the last 5 km being at marathon pace after covering the initial 25 km at an easy pace.

How was your week?