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New Shoes

20140331-221242.jpgSince my previous pair of race flats, Mizuno Wave Ronin 3’s, reached the end of their life-cycle I bought myself a new pair last week. I am hoping to be able to wear these in the Ottawa Marathon in just over a month from now.

This time for race flats I decided to go with a pair of New Balance RC1 400 because I have have had good luck using the New Balance 890 as my everyday trainer. I also read several positive reviews of the new version of the RC 1400.

I was pretty excited to get to try them out at the dome for my 3 km test last Thursday. So far so good. They felt great last week. After my first use I was pleased with my purchase. I am not sure yet whether I will do this week’s speed work indoor or outdoor but I will have an opportunity to get another good run in them Thursday night.

Of course the big test will be when I take them for a long run. As mentioned I had Mizuno Wave Ronin 3’s before and was able to run a marathon in them without issue. I plan on wearing my RC 1400’s for one of my remaining long runs in order to see how it feels and to work them in a little more before race day.

If I don’t feel comfortable in them I will go back to my everyday shoe for race day but for now the place is to use these on race day.


Shoe Brand Loyalty

I am not sure about you but when it comes time to replace my shoes I tend to stick with the same brand/models. Right now that means a pair of New Balance 890 for everyday use and a pair of Mizuno Wave Ronin 3’s for more intense workouts.

In case you are wondering, the reason this came to mind for me tonight is because I just bought a new pair of Wave Ronin 3’s because mine are at the end of the life cycle and I found a great sale online and in a few weeks time it will be time to look to replace my 890’s.

I’ve stuck with New Balance shoes for a while now. After going through several pair of the New Balance 860 stability shoe which provides support over-pronation I decided to look for a lighter everyday shoe which is how I now ended up with the 890.

I gave the Mizuno Wave Ronin 3 a shot last year when I was looking for a racing flat. After wearing them for two marathons last year I didn’t think twice about buying a second pair when the time finally came to replace them this month.

The point I am trying to make with this is that I tend to stick with what I know in terms of shoes. When it comes time to replace my shoes I just go out and buy a new pair of the same shoe I have been sing or I buy the new version if it has been updated. I am not sure that is a bad thing since it has worked for me so far but it just means that I don’t look at other when I go to replace my shoes.

Do you always stick with the same brands or do you try different brands based on price or other features that catch your eye?