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My Collection of Shoes

Ever wonder how many pairs of shoes runners go through when training for a marathon? Given that most pairs of shoes seem to last about 600-700 km. When you run upwards of 300 km per month while training for a marathon the answer is several pair. This is a picture of my current collection of shoes.

I started with the grey pair of New Balance 890. This pair carried me through the second half of my training for the Philadelphia Marathon and I was still using them when I started training for the Ottawa Marathon in January.

I bought the black pair of New Balance 890 in December and they became my main pair of shoes until I bought my yellow and white Mizuno Wave Elixir’s last month and I have been alternating both pair for the last month as I get my last mileage out of the New balance shoes.

Finally, I have my Mizuno Wave Ronin’s for races and for track workouts. The pair in the picture is actually the second pair I have used during this training cycle as the previous pair was replaced a couple of months ago.