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Week 11 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon


This week was a mixed bag in terms of training for me. On the positive side I had a solid tempo run and a solid speed session where I pushed the pace. On the negative side I had to drop my long run.

I’ll start my post by talking about the positives. Tuesday was my birthday and even though it was raining out I decided it was a good night to push the pace a bit. My schedule called for an 11-12 km run so I opted for a tempo run at that pace. I finished with a 12 km run in 51 minutes, a 4:17/km pace. It was a nice way to celebrate my birthday.

Since I was not able to fit it in Thursday night I ended up doing my speed session at the track yesterday. This time my schedule called for a 3.2 km warm up followed by 3 x 300m, 1:30 easy, 3:00 easy then another 3 x 300m, 1:30 easy. Despite the fact that it was windy out I felt like I pushed hard on the 300m and that made for a good workout.

The down side of this week was that I had to skip my long run planned for today. This is kind of a silly issue I have. If someone else were to ask me for advice I would tell them that missing one run wasn’t going to hurt their training.

However, when it comes to my training schedule I don’t like missing a scheduled run. I’ll be over it by tomorrow when I start a new week on my schedule but this was not the way I was looking to end the week.

Next week will see me aiming for even more mileage with my schedule calling for a 100 km week. If I manage to hit that target it will be the second time in this cycle that I have reached it.

How was your week?

Postponing Tonight’s Run

Tonight I had planned to complete an easy 8 km run after work. My plan seemed to be going well until about 4:00 this afternoon when a combination of steady rain and fatigue resulting from not enough sleep had me questioning whether I should run.

In the end the decision to postpone my run won out and I decided to take advantge and get some rest. I am planning to head to bed after I finish this post in the hope that I will be well rested and more energized tomorrow.

To make up for the missed mileage I am planning to either run twice tomorrow, once before work and once after, in order to make up for the 17 km I was planning to run today and tomorrow.

The two run option seems more likely at this point as I will likely not have time for a 17 km run, either before or after work.

Do you find yourself making up for mileage if you miss a run? How do you compensate for a missed run?