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Minto Run for Reach

My next race is coming up in less than a week now. On the 15th I will be running a half-marathon. This is one of the races I did last year as a tune-up for the Ottawa Marathon. This year the plan is the same. Use the race to help me get ready for the marathon.

That said, this year’s approach to the race will be different than last year’s. Last year I ran 10 km on my own before the half-marathon so I could get in a 32 km (20 mile) run on that day. This year my goal is to use the half-marathon to gauge the finishing time I should aim for in the half-marathon.

Since my overall goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon, a 3:10 qualifying time at my age, I plan to aim for a 1:30 half on Sunday. If I get close to that goal I will aim for 3;10 in May. If I am closer to 3;15 I will likely revise my strategy and aim for a 3:15 and contemplate a fall marathon where I can take a shot at 3:10.

That said, my approach to this week will be with the half-marathon in mind. Since I did my second 32 km run Saturday I took the day off yesterday. This morning I went out for a 10 km run with most of that at my goal marathon pace.

As for the rest of the week, I may go for another marathon pace run or do some hills but the rest of my runs this week will likely be relatively easy efforts in order to leave my legs ready for Sunday.