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2 Weeks!

As of today there are now two weeks left until race day. If I needed a reminder of that this morning the signs marking the course are starting to pop-up across the city.

In a way it is almost hard to believe that time is near after all this training but at the same time I feel ready for it. My key workouts are now out of the way. While I still plan to get in a few shorter marathon pace runs between now and race day, the focus now will be on making sure I don’t overdo it in order to avoid injury.

Today’s run marked my last planned run over 20 km before race day. I ended up completing 23 km (14 miles) while pushing my daughter in her Chariot. We ended up running a good portion of the first half of the marathon course.

For those familiar with the course, there are a couple slight changes to the first half this year. First, due to construction there is now an out and back along the Ottawa River Parkway. The second change is that the part on the Gatineau side of the Ottawa River is longer like it was two years ago.

As per my now Sunday post long run tradition, I enjoyed a beer when all was said and done. Today’s selection, a Mill Street Organic which is generally a good choice on hot and sunny days like today.