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The upcoming Ottawa Marathon will be my sixth marathon. Each time I have felt that passing certain milestones in training give me an extra boost in confidence and get me even more excited about race day which is now only 17 days away.

For me it seems like it is the same milestones that bring about this feeling each time. They are the last 32 km (20 mile run), my last session of speed intervals and my longest week in terms of mileage.

It turns out that I am in the process of hitting each of those milestones this week. This past Sunday was my last 32 km run, tonight was to be my last speed interval workout although it turned into a marathon pace effort due to the condition of the track and I am still on pace for my goal of 100 (62 miles) km this week which will give me my biggest week of training.

I am not sure what exactly it is about these milestones, I guess it is the fact that my 16 weeks of training are nearly complete and that race day is finally close. After this week I will begin reducing my mileage and the intensity of my workouts in order to help get me ready for race day.

Do you find hitting milestones like this gives you n extra boost of confidence in your training?