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Marathon Profile: Chicago Marathon

Tonight I was looking for a fall marathon to profile and since it is taking place next weekend I came up with the Chicago Marathon.

Unfortunately, if you have not already registered for this one you are out of look since it sold out in a record 31 days when it sold out in March of this year.

The Chicago Marathon is obviously one of the largest and more popular marathons in North America. Part of the attraction is the fact that it offers a flat and potentially fast course.

However, don’t let the time of year fool you as it can still get hot in Chicago at this time of year. In 2007 the race was shut down due to the heat and last year the temperature reached into the 80’s.

While the possibility of hot weather could put an end to any hopes of setting a personal best the Chicago Marathon gives you an opportunity to go on a tour of one of America’s greatest cities. That reason alone makes it worth having in your sights.

As always, if you want more information on this marathon you can read more reviews here. 

This is one I could see myself doing if anything just for an excuse to travel to Chicago.

Have you run the Chicago Marathon before or do you plan to?

Marathon Profile: Poznan Marathon

In looking for a marathon to profile I came across the Poznan Marathon which takes place in Poland. You likely have not heard of this one before, I had not until I went searching for a new marathon to profile.

If you want to know why I chose this one tonight well there is a simple reason. All finishers are entered in a draw to win a car. That’s right, you could win a car just for finishing this marathon. I’m pretty sure a car giveaway is unique, at least I have not come across any other marathons so far that have give away a car to a lucky finisher.

You might think that if they are giving away a car it is probably a small cheap car like a Lada or a Ford Fiesta. In reality, if this year is any indication, they do give away decent cars as well. This year’s prize is a Volvo V60.

Now if the idea of winning a Volvo is not enough to interest in you in this one I should probably provide you with more detail on the race itself. Poznan is a city in Western Poland. It is also one of the country’s oldest cities.

The marathon involves two loops of a course that passes by many of the places of interest in Poznan. You can find out more by reading some race reviews here.

What do you think about this one? Would the possibility of winning a car tempt you to travel to Poznan?

Marathon Profile: Antarctica Marathon

Tonight I decided to look for something exotic and came up with the Antarctica Marathon. I had heard of this one before but did not know much about it until reading more tonight.

As you can imagine, this one is a pretty exclusive marathon as it seems to be limited to less than 100 runners per year. However if your is to run a marathon on all seven continents then this is one you will have to complete.

The course is run on dirt roads on King George Island. It passes by some of the international research stations setup on the island.

I think it is pretty safe to say this is one I will never do but it would certainly be a unique experience. the chance to come face to face with penguins, icebergs, seals and whales would make it an experience of a lifetime.

As you can imagine, this is not a cheap marathon to run. Packages seem to run from $6700-8700. However, it is by all accounts a very popular race. According to the website the race is soldout until 2015.

One other aspect that may deter you from this race is the fact that travel involves a two day sail across the Drake Passage, known for some of the roughest waters on earth.

As always, if you are interested in more information, you can read some reviews here.

What do you think, is this a marathon you would consider doing?