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New York City Marathon Lottery

After yesterday’s long run I am enjoying a rest day today. I certainly picked a good day for a rest day this week as we have had rain showers on and off all day.

I am looking forward to tomorrow as the New York Road Runners will be announcing the winners of the lottery.

Since I read the odds of being accepted via the lottery are approximately 11% I do not really expect that I will be running in New York on November 6th. However, until the results are announced tomorrow the possibility is still there and I will be waiting the results with great anticipation.

If I don’t get in this year I will likely continue applying until I receive a guaranteed entry – if you do not get in three years in a row you receive a guaranteed entry the fourth year.

Did you entry the lottery for the New York Marathon? Have you run the New York Marathon before?

Stay tuned for an update tomorrow!