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Marathon Bucket List

There are a number of marathons that I would like to do but realistically - realistic in the sense that they are musts for marathon runners, they are not too far from home and they would be easy locations to convince my wife to travel to – the only marathons on my bucket list right now are the Boston Marathon and the New York City Marathon. My current goal is to focus on Boston first then worry about New York.

Other than Boston and New York, if I end up running more than one marathon in a year the decision will depend primarily on what other vacation plans we already have.

Of course if time and money were no object there a number of marathons that would be on my bucket list. Reading the book Great Races Incredible Places provided me with a list of marathons I would like to do

As mentioned, if money and time were not an issue some of the marathons I would like to do are: the Marathon du Médoc in France, the Comrades Marathon in South Africa, the Big Sur International Marathon in California, the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Marathon,  the Great Wall Marathon in China and the Kilimanjaro Marathon in Tanzania.

Do you have a marathon bucket list? If so, which ones are on your list?