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End of my Week of Running in Maine

Unfortunately my week of vacation is coming to an end. Tomorrow will be my last day in Maine. Although the weather has not been ideal since we have been here I’ve had a great week here with the family. It was my third time visiting the coast in Southern Maine and it is becoming one of my favourite spots to visit in the United States.

In terms of running I managed to keep up with my plan of getting in early morning runs while the family was asleep. So far I managed four runs this week and plan to get in one more tomorrow.

While I do think we are fortunate with the routes we have at home in Ottawa compared to other cities, it is very hard to beat being able to run along the coastline and to run along the beach at low tide which is what I was able to do this week.

As of Monday I will be back to my regular running routine and hopefully back to regular updates on here. For now here is a collection of some of the pictures I took while running this week…






On Vacation

It’s been a busy few days since I last posted. I been on vacation in the United States with the family for the past few days, starting out in Vermont then moving on to the Maine coast where we will spend the rest of this week.

Since we were so busy I wasn’t able to fit in a run for four straight days, the longest I went without a run in a long time. Needless to say I was itching to get back out there. Fortunately things have settled down now and I was able to get out this morning.

As mentioned, we are spending the rest of this week along the coast in Southern Maine. Our hotel is quite close to the ocean and I am looking forward to get in some early morning runs along the ocean. I say early morning because we don’t have the Chariot with us and I don’t have the luxury of taking one of the kids with me when I go so the plan is to get up early and run while the family was still sleeping.

This morning I managed to do just that. Unfortunately it rained all day here so my first run along the ocean was not quite what I envisioned but not having run for four days and now being so close to this ocean the rain was not going to deter me this morning.

If I needed further incentive to get out there this week, while we were in Portland today I stopped by the Mane Running Company and picked up another pair of shoes so I now have a new pair to break in.

While the conditions were not ideal this morning I managed to get in a quick 8 km run and it wasn’t all bad. I took this shot along the way.