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Today’s Long Run

If you have read this blog before then you are likely familiar with the fact that my weekend runs tend to lead to unexpected adventures due to the fact I run with my two year old in her Chariot most weekends.

Today was no different. My schedule called for a 26 km, 16 mile, run. For the most part our run went off as planned. However, about 14 km into the run we headed past Parliament Hill and noticed a special event was taking place. Turns out it was a memorial service for peace officers since today was National Memorial Day for Police and Peace Officers.

We took a little detour so my daughter could check out the police motorcycles that had come from all over to attend the ceremony. She was also pleased to see the bagpipers who were participating in the ceremony.

While it was certainly fun the detour took up a little more time than expected and I still had 12 km planned and my daughter would be due for lunch soon. I decided to call my wife to have her come meet us with her bike so we could finish the run and head for lunch before too long.

It seemed like a great plan. Unfortunately as we met up with my wife close to home there was a problem with the bike and we had to drop the bike off at a store around the corner for a tune-up.

In the end, I ended up with a 20 km run. I had toyed with the idea of going for a quick 6 km run this evening but decided against it since I also got in a few kilometers of walking after my run this morning.

The good news is that my wife’s bike will be in good shape should we want to attempt this again the next time I head out for a long run.

How did your long run go this week?

Today’s Unexpected Duathlon

Sometimes runs don’t go quite as planned. Today I had planned to do a 24 km, 15 mile, run with my daughter in her Chariot.

Since I was planning to run along the river I remembered to bring some bread so we could stop and feed ducks along the way. We found a good spot for that a few kilometers into the run. We found several ducks to feed and also had a swan come close to the shore to check out the situation…

Other than the high humidity which had me stopping to take a drink more often than I usually do, my run went according to plan until we started to get close to home. On one of my stops I noticed that my daughter had lost one of her shoes somewhere along the way.

At this point my day turned into an unexpected adventure as I took my daughter home, ending with a total of 22.3 km complete. I decided to hop on a bike and head out to retrace our route and try to find the shoe. Not knowing where it was lost I followed our route in the same direction we that we completed it this morning hoping I would find the shoe somewhere close to the start of our route.

I ended up finding her shoes at the 10 km of our route. By the time I made it back home I had completed 14.2 km on the bike.

As I mentioned, my plan for today was a 24 km run with my daughter in her Chariot. In the end I ended up running for 22.3 km and adding a 14.2 km bike ride to find a missing shoe.

Ever have any of your planned runs turn into unexpected adventures?

Second Last 32 km (20 Mile) Run Before the Marathon

Since I did not have time to fit in my long run yesterday and I had the day off work today I decided to do my long run today. Today’s run was the second last of my 32 km runs before the Ottawa Marathon next month.

My morning got off to an unexpected start following a Tweet I sent as I was mapping the route for my long run. I received a response from someone connected with the Ottawa Marathon wanting to know if I planned to check out any of the new sections of this year’s marathon course.

Apparently they were trying to arrange to have the CBC do a piece on the changes to the course and wanted to know if I would be interested in participating. I was certainly interested at the prospect of participating in the piece. Unfortunately it turns out they already had another group to follow for the piece and my participation was not needed. At least it gave me some excitement to start the day and a story to tell on here tonight.

As for my run, I did go out and check out a couple of the changes to this year’s course. For those interested, I checked the portion through Hintonburg to the Ottawa River Parkway and across the river to Gatineau.

My first impression was that I liked the changes. One of the biggest changes is that the portion on the Gatineau side of the river is now much shorter which means less hills. It did not take me long at all to get back across the river. I also like the fact that we get to see a couple of neighbourhoods that were not included in previous versions of the course by going through Hintonburg and Westboro.

Unfortunately I was not able to check out the new sections in the first couple of km that cover China Town and Little Italy. I will have to cover that section on one of my remaining long runs.

In the end I finished with 32.3 km in 2:47.

Long Run Sunday with the Chariot

Last year when I started this blog I had a couple posts about running with my daughter in her Chariot. I was able to make good use of the stroller last year, especially while training for my fall marathon.

Today I did my second run of the year with daughter in her Chariot. On the schedule for today was a 25 km run (15.5 miles). This is just a bit shorter than the longest distance I completed with the Chariot last year and I figured it would not be a problem to complete my intended mileage today.

Last week when I ran with the Chariot the ducks along the riverbank close to our house seemed to catch my daughter’s attention. As a result, I made sure to bring along a few pieces of bread with us this morning so we could stop and feed the ducks. We made our detour to feed the ducks about 3 km into the run. The detour was well worth it and it was not too long before we were back on our way.

I think I mentioned last year that one of the things i liked about having the Chariot was that it allowed me to spend more time with my daughter. Now that she is a little older and more aware of what is going on I think it is going to be even more enjoyable this year. The sound of her barking when we pass dogs or mimicking the chirping of birds will certainly keep me entertained and the random cries of “Go Go Daddy” will definitely keep me motivated!

In addition to that, while running with the Chariot might not do anything for my cardio I figure it has to be helping my legs get stronger for the marathon especially as my daughter gets bigger.

In the end, due to time constraints, we ended up completing 21.4 km (13.3 miles) which I still think is pretty good considering I had a full day of skiing at Mont Tremblant yesterday.

How was your run today?

Saturday Long Run

As I mentioned last night, I planned to do my long run this morning because I won’t have time to get it in tomorrow morning.

On the schedule today was a 28 km run. I managed to get out the door around 6:00. The first half of my run took me toward 24 Sussex, the Residence of the Prime Minister of Canada.

I ended up at 24 Sussex around 7:00 and not surprisingly there was already a media crew setup with a camera.

For those of you unsure why a media crew was waiting outside the Prime Minister’s residence at 7:00 on a Saturday morning let me explain. The Government lost a motion of confidence in the House of Commons yesterday afternoon.

As a result, the Prime Minister was scheduled to cross the street to visit the Governor General in order to request that he dissolve Parliament which would send us into an election campaign.

Enough with the lesson in Canadian politics and back to my run. I completed the first 18 km on my own at which point I decided to stop at home in order to pick up my daughter and run with her in her Chariot for the remaining 10 km.

In the end I completed 28 km in 2:29. I think I will enjoy a day of rest tomorrow!

Pacing Your Runs

Ever wonder what pace you should be running your easy runs at compared to your more intense runs like tempo runs and speedwork? In order to get the most out of your training it is important to be training at the right pace.

According to the current issue of Runners World, your easy and long runs should be run at 90-150 seconds slower than your 5 km pace. This means that you should be able to speak in complete sentences while completing your long or easy runs. Remember that the key to your legs to recover from more intense workouts while the key to long runs is training yourself to be on your feet for longer periods of time.

As for your quicker runs, marathon pace run should be run 45-100 seconds per mile slower than your 5 km pace, tempo runs should be run 20-40 seconds slower than your 5 km pace and speedwork should be run 5-40 seconds faster per mile than your 5 km pace.

So far this year, my 5 km pace is approximately 6:52 per mile. My long run pace has generally hovered around 8.20 per mile. The pace of my easy runs has usually been around 7:50 per mile. Finally, my marathon pace workouts have been run at approximately 7:20-7:30 per mile.

What this tells me is that I can make more of an effort to slow down my easy runs while I appear to be running my other workouts at an appropriate pace. I have not yet done any speedwork in this training cycle but when I do I will be aiming to keep my pace around 6:12-6:47 per mile.

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