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Week 3 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon 

This week was very similar to last week in terms of total mileage and the workouts I did. After doing my long run tonight I ended up with 67 km for the week. Once again I managed to fit in six runs this week. Once again I only did one speed work session. However, the workout was a good one and for the first time in a while I really felt like I was pushing myself to get it done. 

Other than my long run and my speed session my runs this week averaged between 6.5 and 9 km. I’ll start adding mileage to those soon as I look to increase my weekly mileage. Once I really get going with this training cycle I will be averaging 9-12 km for those runs as well.

I mentioned that this week’s speed sessions was the first one in a while where I really felt like I was pushing myself. The scheduled workout for this week consisted of a 3.2 km warm up, 1x (1600m hard and an easy 1:30), 2 x (800m hard followed by a easy 2:00), another 1x 1600m and ending with an easy cool down of just over 2 km. that gave me a total of 13 km done Thursday.

Once again this week I ended up doing my long run on Sunday evening. My schedule called for 21-22 km this time. The weather was perfect when I headed out along the Ottawa River…

That was it for this week. The next couple of weeks will probably bring a bit more of the same before I really start to build my mileage and add a tempo session on top of the speed session I am already doing every week.

How was your week?