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The Last Week Before a Marathon

For the second time in three weeks I am into the last week of training before a marathon. This is a first for me, I have never done two marathons this close together. It can be a tough week to get through after all the training you put in. This time I am hoping that the fact i just went through this a few weeks earlier will help make it easier.

Since I had to back off from my goal in Montreal three weeks ago my focus since then has been first of all to recover so I could take another shot in Toronto this weekend and second to get in a few more quality runs so I could maintain my fitness level.

After a 15 km run at marathon pace last night my key workouts are done. I will run a few more times this week but they will all be short runs. I will keeping the runs in the 6-8 km range until Sunday when I line up for the marathon. In terms of pace I will likely throw in a few km at marathon pace again Thursday but other than that I will stick to a very easy pace.

The real focus for this week will be loading up on carbs and getting enough sleep, something I don’t always get enough of in the lead up to a marathon. At least I can control the food I eat and won’t have to worry about eating out in restaurants until Saturday when we are in Toronto.

That’s my plan for the week. Hopefully it will be a successful one. I am confident in the training I put in over the summer but the marathon is such a long race that many pieces have to come together for a successful race. I’ll try not to stress too much over that this week although that may be easier said than done.