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Canada Day

Given that Canada Day fell on a Friday this year today is the start of a long weekend here. I’ve been off to a pretty quiet start so far.

I was tired because I was up pretty early and my legs felt like they could use a rest so I did not force myself to go for a run this morning. The fact that I am running the kilt race in Perth tomorrow also has me feeling like a day of rest is a good idea today.

Skipping a run today will still leave me with about 50 km for the week which is around what i have been averaging since the Ottawa Marathon. That will start to pick up again in a few weeks as I begin my 16 week training program for the Philadelphia Marathon.

Later today I’ll probably end up spending some time in my in-laws pool so I guess that sort of counts as cross training. Other than that it will be a pretty low-key day.

As already mentioned, I am doing the 8 km kilt race tomorrow, not sure that I’ll be breaking any records in that one given the heat and the fact that I will be wearing a kilt, and Sunday I will head out early to get in a long run before it gets too hot.

What are your running plans for this holiday weekend, for those of you in Canada and the United States?