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Week 2 of Training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon


My second week of training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon is complete. This week was similar to last week both in terms of mileage and the workouts I did. I am pleased with how my training is going so far since I am not really feeling any effects from the ruptured appendix I suffered at the end of October.

I started off the week with a tempo run home from work Tuesday and followed that up with an easy run home from work Wednesday. ADespite the cold weather those runs went as planned.

Thursday I went for my weekly interval session at the track. Like last week I opted for 800 repeats as my workout. Since I did four repeats last week I went for five repeats this week. I managed to complete the repeats in 3:23, 3:05, 3:07, 3:09 and 3:07. I am pleased with that I managed to hit sub 3:10 times already. Although it still feels tougher to run at that pace than it did last year it feels like I am not too far off where I was last year.

I fit in easy runs Friday evening and last night before ending the week with a long run today. It was a cold one but I did manage to hit my target for mileage with a 20 km run.


So far, as mentioned earlier, my training is going well but my plan is to continue to increase my mileage every week. Part of that will come from longer interval sessions every week and mileage added to my long runs. Eventually I will have to fit in two run days to hit my target weekly mileage.

How did your training go this week?

Week 1 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

20140523-213119-77479305.jpgMy training for this year’s Ottawa Marathon is officially underway. As I did during my previous training cycles for marathons I plan to use one post every week to post an update on my training for the marathon. This is my first update for the Ottawa Marathon.

Up until this week I was running without following any plan or training schedule. I have been pleased with how my recovery has been going so far since I started running again in December. While I have lost a step from where I was at before I got sick I feel fortunate to be able to get to training.

Starting with this week I started to think more about my mileage and fitting in faster paced runs. My total this week was 58 km. Included in that were a tempo run, intervals and my first 20 km run since I got sick.

Due to the cold weather and snow covered sidewalks I moved my tempo run and my intervals indoor this week. For a few years now I have taken advantage of having access to an indoor track during the winter. I still prefer prefer to do my longer runs outside but the indoor track is a great option for faster paced runs when the conditions outside are less than ideal.

This week I went to the indoor track for two runs. I did a tempo run on Tuesday night doing just over 6 km, alternating between an easy lap and a fast lap. Thursday night I returned for my weekly interval session, opting for 800m repeats that I was able to complete in 3:07, 3:07, 3:05 and 3:08.

imageI ended off the week today with a long run. The plan for today was to run for 2 hours and I did that. In terms of mileage it was good for nearly 21.5 km. That represents my longest run since October. It felt good to know that I can still run that far as I start another training cycle.

Overall I feel like this week was a good start to my training for the Ottawa Marathon. I’ll continue to add mileage to my long runs and make my weekly trips to the indoor track for faster runs.

How did your week go?

Back to Marathon Training

I have settled back into my usual routine after my recovery layoff that kept me away from running for all of November and most of December. That of course being building back up to a regular running routine with some easy and unstructured runs before I start my structured training for a spring marathon.


I am not normally concerned about running streaks and trying to run every day but since I was coming off a long layoff once I started running again I felt like seeing how long i could keep one going. Starting on Christmas day O managed a 15 day streak that only ended because I forgot to bring a running jacket with me last Friday.

With that out of the way I have settled back into my usual early January routine that I have found to work for me. I am planning to start. For the first two weeks of the month I just ran the mileage I could fit in at the time I went, although i am pleased I managed two straight weeks of over 50 km, and was not overly concerned about pace.

Now that I am planning to start my training plan for the Ottawa Marathon this week that is about to change. Now I will be aiming for mileage targets and I will start keeping a close eye on my pace, especially now that I will be going back to the indoor track for weekly interval sessions. The indoor track has become an integral part of my training over the winter since I discovered it a few years ago. Without it I would have to wait a while before being able to do intervals because of the snow on the ground.

While I feel like I still have a lot of work to do to get back to where I was at last year it feels good to be back to my usual running routine and training for a marathon.

Week 12 of Training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

IMG_0804.PNGAnother week of training is nearly complete. So far this week is turning out to be my heaviest week in terms of mileage in this training cycle. With two runs left to go this weekend I am on pace for my first 100 km week in a while.

The week started off good with my scheduled intervals on Tuesday. This week my scheduled workout was a 10 minute warm up followed by 3 x ( 400m, 800m, 1200 m @ 100%).

I did my intervals in a bit of an odd way this time but it worked out in the end. I had planned to run home from work so I started my run from the office and got in the majority of my intervals on the way home. By the time I hit 8 km I ended up at the high school track close to my house so I could finish my last two intervals where I would normally go for intervals..

The other story of the week has been injury prevention. Late last week I started to feel some pain on the inside of my left leg above the ankle. Initially I thought it was just the usual aches that can follow heavy mileage and intense runs but by Wednesday it was becoming more noticeable with every step when I ran.

As a result, yesterday and today’s runs were very easy efforts. I also taped my leg with some Rocktape and took some Advil. That seems to have helped as it was less noticeable during today’s run.

I still have not done my scheduled hill workout this week because of this pain. My plan is to see how I feel tomorrow. If I feel better I will do my hills tomorrow but if the pain is still noticeable then I will just drop hills for this week.

I am hoping that the issue is going away now and that I will be able to at least get in my scheduled 23 km run Sunday. Once again for that one I am planning to start and finish at my goal marathon pace. I will have to reconsider that plan as well if I am still experiencing pain in my leg when I get up Sunday morning.

How did your week go?


Week 10 of Training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon


This week was a return to regular training after a recovery week last week. So far I am on pace for just over 80 km this week with a couple of weekend runs remaining.

As mentioned last week, the recovery week was necessary and will benefit me in the long run. However, I was looking forward getting in some tougher runs this week. By that I mean a tempo run on Tuesday, a hill workout I did at lunch today and a longer run coming up Sunday morning.

The downside to this week, as I wrote last night, was the weather. While the week started off on a promising note Monday..

The weather went downhill from there. The rest of my runs so far this week came in cool, rainy weather like summer had come to an abrupt end.

That said, it did not really impact my running. I had a strong interval session at the track Tuesday night and then a solid hill workout today at lunch..

To end off the week I will be doing an easy 12 km run tomorrow followed by a 28 km run Sunday. That will leave me with an 80 km week.

I will be changing up my long run a bit this time. As previously mentioned, I have been ending my long runs at marathon pace. This week in addition to doing that I will be starting my long run at marathon pace. The plan calls for 6 km at marathon pace followed by an easy 16 km then ending with another 6 km at marathon pace.

How was your week?

Sprints at the Track


The first and second blocks of my training program include several short sprints. The first block involved 50 and 100 metre sprints. The second block of my training that I started this week involves 100, 200 and 300 metre sprints. The idea of including short sprints early in my training is to help build strength.

Short sprints are not something I had previously included in my training but since I started working with my coach they have become a regular part of my training. While not the easiest workout in my training routine it is certainly a rewarding one that generally leaves me feeling positive about my training.

Tonight’s workout was probably the toughest one so far with a 10 minute warm up followed by 4 x each of 100m, 200m and 300m. Having done 100m sprints already this year I knew what I was getting into there. The longer sprints were a different story. Having never done 200m and 300m sprints before I was not sure how to approach them in terms of pace.

I survived tonight’s workout and feel pretty good about the result. Now that I have done a series of 200 and 300m sprints I have a better idea of how to approach them when I repeat the workout the next two Thursdays.

Do you include sprints as part of your training?

Week 11 of Training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Week 11 of my training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. With one run left to go tomorrow my mileage for week 11 currently sits at 61.5 km. Since last week was my biggest week so far with just over 100 km the plan for this week was to cut back on my mileage a bit. Tomorrow’s run will  leave me with just over 70 km for the week.

The week got off to a good start with the third of my 32 km (20 mile) training runs. Since I am the 1:35 pace bunny for the Army Run half-marathon, 4:30/km is also my goal pace for the marathon, in a few weeks I decided to do the first 21.1 km at marathon pace. The result, the first 21 km in just over 1:35. Not only did I confirm I was ready to pace the Army Run I also managed to get in a good tempo run to get me ready for the marathon in Toronto.

While it was a good week of training I did miss out on two aspects of my training this week, hill repeats and intervals. Although I missed those workouts I think I made up for it with the marathon pace effort as part of my long run and another 10 km tempo run last night.

With just over one month left before the marathon I still have a couple of key workouts left, my final 32 km run which I will do either Sunday or Monday and the aforementioned pace bunny gig in a few weeks. If I can manage to get in a few more hill repeats and intervals along the way I should be in a position to run a good race in Toronto.

As mentioned above, week 12 will kick off with my final 32 km run. Since I have the day off Monday I have the luxury of deciding whether to do it Sunday or Monday depending on other activities.

How did your training go this week?

Week 10 of Training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Week nine of my training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. With one run left to go tomorrow my mileage for week nine currently sits at 86 km. Tomorrow’s plan is to get in 14 km to give me my first 100 km week in this training cycle.

Once again this week was a solid week of training. The week kicked off with the second of my 32 km (20 mile) training runs. Dividing it by getting in 18 km on my own at a quicker pace followed by the remaining 14 km with the Chariot at a slower pace seemed to make the run go by quicker.

In terms of more intense workouts, I did manage to get in a tempo run on Tuesday. However, it was a shorter effort in terms of mileage since I ran at lunch and only had time for 7 km. I think one of my goals next week will be to try and get in a marathon pace effort over 12-15 km.

Last week I managed to fit in hill repeats but did not make it out to the track for intervals. This week was the opposite. I made it out to the track for intervals last night, 8 x 800 being the workout of choice. However, I was not able to fit in hill repeats. Maybe next week I will be able to fit in both once again.

Week 11 kicks off Sunday morning with the third of my scheduled 32 km runs.

How did your training go this week?