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Week 16 of Training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon


Another week of training for STWM is nearly complete. This week was somewhat of a recovery week as I gear up for a final long run this Sunday before I start tapering for STWM. The heaviest part of my training is nearly complete. Now it is almost time to start looking forward to race day.

After being a pace bunny during Last Sunday’s Army Run Intook Monday off to recover and set up for one last buildup of mileage before STWM. So far I have managed to fit in three workouts this week. I decided to take it easier this week because Sunday I am planning to fit in what will be my longest training run for STWM.

The interval workout I did at the track Tuesday night was the only of my runs this week that was done at a more intense pace. This week’s workout involved 5 x 50m @ 100% followed by and easy 100m. After the recent issues I was having with shin splints this was the first interval workout I was able to do in a couple weeks without discomfort which is a good sign ahead of STWM.

As mentioned I have one last long run left before STWM before I start to taper. I always that to be a tough period of marathon training. Even though it is necessary for recovery I still find the reduction in mileage to be difficult. I often find myself getting restless because I am not running as much as usual. At least I have a few more runs to go before I have to start worrying about that.

How did your week go?

Week 12 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


Another week of training is nearly complete. This week was a recovery week after three weeks of more intense training. As a result, I had a couple extra days of rest scheduled. The extra rest came in handy after Sunday’s 30 km with the last 5.5 km being at marathon pace.

Since it was a recovery week the only intense workout I had scheduled was my speed work last night. So far in each four week block of training I have done the first three weeks have been set aside for intervals with the final week being a 3 km test. I was particularly looking forward to this run this week because it meant I got to try out my new racing flats, the New Balance RC1400s I bought last weekend.

Last night was time for my latest 3 km test. After an easy 15 minute warm up it was time for the 3 km test, or 7.5 laps of the 400 m track. My previous best was 11:40 the last time out I had the workout scheduled. My goal was to try and beat that time and I was able to beat it by 10 seconds last night with a time of 11:30.

Today is another day of rest and I will complete the week with an easy 10 km run tomorrow. I am not sure yet what the next four weeks will bring because I have to wait until the weekend to get my next four week block from my coach. Given that race day is now less than two months away it will be my last full four week block of intense training. I will have to start tapering soon after it ends.

How did your week go?

Week 11 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


Another week is nearly complete. This week is the last week of hard training in this block of four weeks before I take a recovery week next week. All that remain for this week are hill repeats tomorrow and a long run on Sunday.

Overall it has been a good week of training but as you can see above a couple of key runs remain. One of those runs is the series of hill repeats I plan to get in tomorrow. I was not able to get in my hill repeats as planned on Tuesday so tomorrow I will be doing five hill repeats when I go for my run.

Last night I did my intervals as per usual. Once again the scheduled workout was 3 sets of a 500 m followed by a 1000 m interval with a two minute break in between intervals. The goal last night was to try and beat my best times from the previous two weeks. Unfortunately that did not happen with my best interval times being 1:52 and 3:49 respectively. Overall over the past three weeks my best times were 1:48 and 3:42.

My final run of the week will also be a key one. It will be my first 30 km run of this training cycle. This week for my long run I plan to try this marathon move I read about. Since the Ottawa Marathon is about 9 weeks away I’ll aim for a 20-25 minute marathon move.

My hill repeats tomorrow and long run Sunday will leave me at just over 70 km for the week. I’ll increase my weekly mileage again in two weeks when I start my next four week training block.

How did your week go?

Week 10 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


Week 10 of training is nearly complete. Before the week ends I will be completing my first race of the year, a 10 km race tomorrow morning. Overall it has been another strong week of training with good hill and interval workouts leading the way.

This week’s hill workout involved an additional repeat, four compared to three last week. I used the same hill as last again this week. Fortunately the sidewalks were clear this week so I was able to push the pace.

Last night was my weekly interval workout at the indoor track. Once again this week my scheduled workout involved three 500 m and three 1000 m intervals. Unfortunately I was not able to beat the times I set last week. On the positive side I was able to match my best times from last week so it was still a good workout.

I did have to postpone an easy run Wednesday because of a day of skiing and a late day snowstorm. I made up for that tonight with an easy run to pick up my race kit for tomorrow after work.

This weekend as mentioned I will be running a 10 km race tomorrow. I also have a long scheduled, 25 km that I will get in on Sunday.

How did your week go?

Week 9 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


Another week of training is nearly complete. This week it was back to full training after a week of recovery last week. That meant it was back to intervals and this week hills took the place of my Tuesday runs with accelerations.

As mentioned, hills were back on my schedule this week. It was the first time they were included in this training cycle. On the schedule was three repeats. Since we started getting snow late in the afternoon I had to go to a plan b for a hill as I looked for one that had been plowed. The conditions were still not ideal, it was difficult to get a good pace going up the hill because of the fresh snow. However, I completed the workout and it felt good to re-introduce hill repeats.

Last night it was back to speed intervals at the track. This week my assigned workout involved 500 and 1000 m intervals. This was another new workout for me. I think the workout went well. The real key is that I now have goals for the next two weeks, beating the times I set last night.

This week being the start of a new four week block of training I also started a new strength workout. Once again the exercises are aimed at building strength in my legs, upper body and core.

Tomorrow my plan is to get in my long run. This week I am going for 20 km. tomorrow I plan to change things up a bit in terms of my pace. I am planning to start out with an easy 5 km before picking up the pace over the remaining 15 km.

How did your week go?

Week 7 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


Week 7 of training is nearly complete. Once again training this week was similar to the previous week given I had the same workouts scheduled. So far I have managed to fit in all of my scheduled runs for this week with the exception of the elusive Tuesday run I wrote about the other night.

I am starting to feel better about my training as I go on. I’ve been up over 20 km for my long runs the past two weeks so in addition to working on speed and strength I am now starting to build on my endurance. This upcoming Sunday will see me go up to 25 km so my 30 km runs won’t be that far away.

Speaking of long runs, I picked up a new hydration pack to use on my long runs. I was tired of fumbling with a handful of smaller bottles so instead I now have one item to fill and bring with me. The only problem is that my one year-old has already figured out how it works so if I leave it out she tries to get a drink from it.

Missing my Tuesday run means that I have not yet done my run with accelerations. That is my plan for tomorrow. Once again, I will be doing 30s, 45s, 60s and 90s accelerations twice. I just hope that after a day of rain and freezing rain the conditions outside won’t be too bad for it.

Once again I had another strong interval workout at the dome with 100, 200 and 300 m intervals on the schedule. I am pretty sure that I was pushing the pace harder than last week because I was feeling the 300 m sprints more by the time I finished them. Next week will be a bit of a change of pace at the dome since I will be doing a 3 km test instead of the usual intervals.

How did your week go?

Week 6 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


Week six is nearly complete. In terms of training this week was very similar to last week in that I had the same workouts scheduled. As a result, my key workouts were once again my Tuesday run with accelerations and my intervals at the track last night.

My Tuesday 8 km runs with accelerations are a good challenge because I want push the pace when I am accelerating but at the same time I don’t want to push too hard that I am going to struggle for the rest of the run since I am going for 8 km. This is more difficult when I am doing 60 and 90 second accelerations.

Once again my interval workout at the dome was a tough but good one. Like last week I did 4 x each of 100m, 200m and 300m. Having done the workout last week I think I had a better feel last night for the pace I could run 200m and 300m intervals. My legs felt heavy and I was gasping for air at the end of my last interval so I think it was a good workout.

How all that is left for this week is an easy run home in the snow tonight, sicne it has been snowing most of the day, followed by easy runs tomorrow and Sunday. My long effort will probably end up being Sunday morning. I’ll be going for 21 km this time.

How did your week go?

Sprints at the Track


The first and second blocks of my training program include several short sprints. The first block involved 50 and 100 metre sprints. The second block of my training that I started this week involves 100, 200 and 300 metre sprints. The idea of including short sprints early in my training is to help build strength.

Short sprints are not something I had previously included in my training but since I started working with my coach they have become a regular part of my training. While not the easiest workout in my training routine it is certainly a rewarding one that generally leaves me feeling positive about my training.

Tonight’s workout was probably the toughest one so far with a 10 minute warm up followed by 4 x each of 100m, 200m and 300m. Having done 100m sprints already this year I knew what I was getting into there. The longer sprints were a different story. Having never done 200m and 300m sprints before I was not sure how to approach them in terms of pace.

I survived tonight’s workout and feel pretty good about the result. Now that I have done a series of 200 and 300m sprints I have a better idea of how to approach them when I repeat the workout the next two Thursdays.

Do you include sprints as part of your training?