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Back to Running

Yesterday I got my first taste of running since I injured my ankle nearly three weeks ago now. Due to the progress I have made so far my physiotherapist had me run on the treadmill in order to see if I would have any pain in my ankle. That went well, I was able to run pain free and without altering my stride for five minutes.

That was enough for me to get the green light to go for an easy 5-10 minute run outside. Excited to finally be able to head out for a run I got up early this morning and headed out the door for my run. I ended up running for 10.5 minutes at an average pace of just under 6:00/km. Again there was no pain or swelling following my run.

This means that I can go for another run tomorrow. I will likely try to get out at lunch time. I also plan to run for a longer period of time tomorrow. Since I was able to run for 10 minutes today I will aim for 15-20 minutes tomorrow.

For now I plan to take it pretty easy with my pace and ease my way back into a running routine. As long as I don’t feel any pain in my ankle I will continue to schedule another run and progressively add more time each time I go for a run.

So far my recovery is going well. Hopefully I can continue to run pain free. If that trend continues then I should be able to run the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in just over two weeks.

Week 13 of Training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon


I decided to post my review of week 13 tonight since I likely won’t have to to post tomorrow night. Week 13 was the first step on my road to recovery from the sprained ankle I suffered about week and a half ago.
At my my physio appointment on Monday I was told I could start biking again, an important step not only in an effort to maintain my cardio in order to stay in shape for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon but also in order to maintain my sanity as I was starting to get restless after a week of inactivity following the injury.
I started off by going for an easy 15-20 minute bike ride Monday night. I followed that up with a 40 minute effort yesterday which ended up being a 14-15 km ride. Tonight since I am on the road for business I did 40 minutes on a stationary bike at the hotel gym.
Tomorrow my day will be pretty busy but I do plan to head back to the hotel gym for more stationary bike workouts Saturday and Sunday before I head home Sunday evening. If anything these workouts this week have helped get me back in a positive state of mind.
While being able to bike is a positive step I am hopefully that my ankle will continue to progress and that I will be able to resume light running soon.
How did your week go?